Wee Reds at Preston Lodge (Feb 18)

Wee Reds at Preston Lodge on Sunday

Sunday 04 February 2018

The wee Reds travelled through to Prestonpans on Sunday for friendly matches against the hosts, Preston Lodge, and two other visiting clubs. It was a lovely Spring today and the conditions were great for the youngsters.  Preston Lodge were welcoming hosts who shared the ethos of training and development rather than win at all costs.

Wee Reds P6 Report

Well done today. The coaches were pleased with the effort put in and the postive attitude shown by the majority of the squad. Postives in attack and defence in general.

The two main learning and development points which made the difference today were loose passing and speed of reaction to the breakdown. What we mean by the first point is the decision whether to offload (timing and if on or not) or to secure and retain for a reset.  The latter point refers not to the rucking  itself, which was pretty good and improved from last week, rather the support to the ball carrier, speed of reaction to a tackle/ruck and proximity. In the last game in particular there were a number of instances where we did  not  support the ball carrier and were therefore too slow to get involved with the break down resulting in easy turnover ball. So these points will be the focus of training on Wednesday night.

The attacking play was excellent at times and there were good examples of passing and running into space. The team ethos was very positive for most players and the majority were good at encouraging each other when mistakes were made.

Thanks for  coming out to Prestonpans and making it a great morning of rugby.

Ian Morrison