SGM August 2020

Unanimous Support for Motions at
Special General Meeting

Thursday 20 August

At the Special General Meeting there was unanimous support for all 3 motions to register the Rugby Club as a charity and set up a trading subsidiary to run the bar and other commercial operations.

Special General Meeting
– 20 August 2020

Short Video Presentation on Becoming a Charity

The Rugby Club Board believes that the next logical step to secure a growing and sustainable future for Linlithgow Rugby Club is to register the Club as a charity, thereby gaining significant benefits both financial and reputational. OSCR, the charity regulator in Scotland, have indicated that we meet their criteria in full, so the next step is to seek approval from members at an SGM to proceed. We’ve looked at this for some time now, including speaking to other rugby and sports’ clubs that have gone down this route. We strongly believe that this is the right path for the Rugby Club and that the nature and spirit of the Club will remain very much unchanged in the process.

In this short video presentation, Club President Ken Richardson explains more:

Link to short video presentation

Notice of Meeting

Notice is given of a Special General Meeting (SGM) which will be held on Thursday 20 August in the Clubhouse at 7pm.

You can read the full notice of the meeting here:


The changes to the Articles of Association are shown in the document which can be downloaded below, tracking the changes against the current Articles of Association. As can be seen, these are relatively minor and are mainly concerned with aligning the articles to OSCR’s terminology.

Draft Articles of Association – Linlithgow Rugby Club – charity

The proposed version, showing these changes consolidated has been seen and accepted by OSCR:

Proposed Articles of Association – Linlithgow Rugby Club – charity