S1 at Knox (Sep18)

S1s Run in 20 Tries at Haddington

Saturday 01 September 2018

The S1s took a strong 16 player squad to Haddington for their first league game of the campaign.  They played three 15 minute games and what great powerful running and support play we saw from Linlithgow.  Knox had 5 really good club players who gave everything on the day, however the rest of the Knox players struggled to cope with the more experienced Young Reds.  Unfortunately for them they were met with a wall of 13 fantastic Linlithgow players for every minute of the 3 games. 

They games finished 9-0, 7-0 and 4-0 with Linlithgow dominating the tackle area and then showing their offloading and passing game to clinically putting over try after try.  

Special mention to Cameron in the front row who played every minute with a brilliant forward display.  Also Hamish who played his first game after 2 training sessions who put in a cracking performance on the day.  

The spectators loved the 20 tries, but better still was the great defence against Knox’s better players who were far better than the score suggests with some powerful runs.

Overall a great day and it was good for players to try a few new positions on the pitch as they grow as a team together.