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Scottish Rugby Age Grade Law Variations Pilot for 2018-19

This season, Scottish Rugby will pilot a number of new Age Grade Law Variations. These are summarised in the two cards below. Click on either image to enlarge.

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Reports from Matches at RHC Cougars

Sunday 24 January 2016

Our first fixture since the 8th November last year took us to the Royal High School to play RHC and Boroughmuir on a mild, dry afternoon. The ground was suitably muddy after the last three months of heavy rain, but was nevertheless quite playable. After a joint warm-up with all the boys, each club split up into two teams and we played a round robin against three of the other teams.

Stuart’s team consisted of Big Jack, Aiden, Fraser, Marc, Ollie, Adam, Ruan and Oscar.

They played one of the RHC teams and both Boroughmuir teams. Although we haven’t played any matches for nearly three months, the fact that we have an indoor facility to carry on with our training really showed. The boys were relentless in their harrying the opposition, not letting them settle on the ball at all.  When the ball was on the ground, we were all so much better at trying to win it back and our counter rucking has come along so much since before our enforced break.  When we did get the ball, we were looking to make the pass out wide instead of just trying to batter through the opposition all the time.

The next thing to work on will be looking for and exploiting the space on the pitch.  When we add this to running on to the ball rather than taking it from a standing position, we will be a very difficult team to beat.

It is difficult to single out players this week.  Everyone really contributed in all three games, both in attack and especially in defence. It was a great team effort and the boys comfortably won each of their matches.  It was great to hear the Boroughmuir and RHC coaches comment on how well drilled as a team we were and how far we had come on this year.

Martin’s team consisted of the following boys: Jamie, Lewis, Caiden, Tyler, Morgan, Johnny, Reece.

The boys were all hungry for the game after having nearly three months off and it showed through in all the games they played, against the two Boroughmuir teams and one RHC team. The boys all played fantastically well and each one played his part in winning all three of their games.

A few words come to mind when watching the boys playing:  they out-played, out-passed, out-rucked & out-tackled the other teams at every turn.  On a few occasions the ball touched every players’ hands and they were rewarded with a try each time.  The support play was fantastic and the ball was moving fast through the hands which I think was confusing the opponents.  In every game we played it was 7v7 with the exception of RHC where we were in front by a few scores and it was 7v8.  We then picked up an injury with Jamie going off for 3 minutes so it was 6v8 and we were still out playing the opposition!

With every game it’s getting more difficult to pick out an individual performance as the boys are playing more like a team as we go along. If I really had to name a player I would say Reece edges it as his runs and support were superb on the day.  Lewis, Jamie, Johnny & Caiden put in solid consistent performances and Tyler was seeing the space, using it well and was rewarded with a couple of tries.  Morgan was solid in the tackling department.

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Sunday 01 November 2015

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