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Scottish Rugby Age Grade Law Variations Pilot for 2018-19

This season, Scottish Rugby will pilot a number of new Age Grade Law Variations. These are summarised in the two cards below. Click on either image to enlarge.

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P4s at Home Tournament – 11 October 2015

P4s at Kinross Tournament – 04 October 2015

P4s at Melrose Tournament – 27 September 2015

Archive from Last Season


Well done today to both teams.  I saw some great runs and tackling today.

Two areas we did really well on was passing out of the tackles and the supporting the runner. 

However – We are still relying on the same players to make most the tackles and we will continue to concentrate on bringing everybody’s tackling up a level at training.

We had a great start with both teams winning their first games and then tough results in the second as tiredness and cold took its affect.  Overall you all played very well and we as coaches see improvement every week.

Well done all and bring on Stewart Melville tournament next week with hopefully better warmer weather.



To ruck or not to ruck… Depends who we’re playing!

2 teams braved the changeable weather last Sunday from the P4 Minis, standing up to fair bit of wind, a touch of drizzle, some heavy hail and at points even a bit of sun.

Some shaking up of the teams this week and also Ninas debut “on tour” saw some good linking play from the teams and some glints of individual stardom shining through.

Barbarians (Martins) team v Haddington

Rucking = none.

Great driving play from Jamie and Adam, with Ruan on fire as the flying winger nailing home some great tries along with Nina who put in a great attacking performance.

Jake and Caiden cutting through the Haddington defence with some great zig zagging runs ably supported by Marc and Tyler.  Tackling was good on the first runner but still room for improvement in picking up 2nd or 3rd runner.  We need to be more clinical in our defensive tackling.

Overall a comfortable win 9 to 7 which could have been a wider margin if we upped the concentration and tackling. Something we can work on in training.

Barbarians (Martins) team v Dalkeith

Rucking = win.

This game saw the team have a comfortable win leading 6 to 2 before hail stones caused the second half to be cut short.

A great part of our play was the improved tackling and our dominance at rucking which showed we were well ahead of the other teams in this area.

Overall much improved tackling and support play as the game went on.

Areas we will look to work on are all going up in a line to tackle and after the first tackle being more direct in putting pressure on the next player to receive the ball by getting closer to them rather than waiting for them to come to us.

High points were good individual tackling and runs, supplemented by dedicated support play and rucking.

Lions (Geoffs) team v Dalkeith

Rucking = win.

After the initial continued training / friendly game / warm up of Linlithgow vs Linlithgow the Lions faced up to Dalkeith and after confirmation of being allowed to ruck and contest it the boys got stuck in.

Big Jack got his usual “running them in for fun” badge in the game, but closely challenged on his tally by Tobin this time.

I lost count of the number of times I heard red ball from a tackle & counter ruck, echoing the other team and the dominance we have against most opposition recently, all of the team putting a shift in to help out.

As well as Tobin and big Jack running them in, we had some heavy duty tackles being thrown in by both Johnny and little Jack followed up by Fin & Fraser rucking over & gaining us the ball.

Yards being made by Cameron, Johnny and Euan, but the pitch long runs continued to be delivered from Tobin.

Final score on the door was 9-2 to the Lions.

Another great performance from both our teams which show what great players we have, how all are improving, but we know the areas we need to develop to be the the great team we can be.

We now have the rucking honed, time to bring on the scrum halfs and overlaps!