Reds at Selkirk 7s

Reds at Selkirk 7s

Saturday 07 May 2022

For the first time ever, Linlithgow received an invitation to one of the top Sevens’ Tournaments – the Selkirk 7s which are part of the Borders’ circuit of tournaments. The Reds were given the most challenging of draws for their first round tie, being up against Jedforest, who had already won the Berwick, Langholm and Kelso 7s and would go on to win the Kelso and their own Jed 7s to be crowned “King of the 7s”. The Jed 7 also featured 3 international Sevens’ players, so quite a straightforward task then! The Reds managed to score a try against Jed – as much as any higher league opponent could muster – in their opening round defeat. 

View Reds try

Team Reds make the most of the day!

A great experience though for our relatively inexperience 7s team, who finished the 7s season as Winners of the Portobello 7s and Runners Up at the Edinburgh Northern 7s.