Notes from 2015 AGM


Friday 15 May 2015

Those Present

Douglas Thomson, Gary McGill, Ken Richardson, Matt Dixon, Martin Bennett, Chris Bredin, Stuart Cunningham, Gordon Dixon, Stuart Bell, John Smith, Iain Cunningham, Craig Young, Anne Young, Ross Plenderleith, Paul Birrell, Chris Archer, Scott Watson, Alan Dowell, Paul Fensom, Billy Edment, Graeme Crow,  David Mitchell, Jack Frame, Gavin Brown, Anne Brown, Nick Chadwick, Ally Maclennan, Anthony Timlin, Alison Timlin, Dave Thomas, Brian Grant, Stuart Thompson, Jason Dawes, Neil Dori-Muir, Tom McNeil, Dougie Wood, Garry Anderson, Mark Green, Angela Blundell, Mark Osborne, Euan Richardson, Jon Blundell (41 persons).


Barry McKeown, Callum McKeown, Colin Wells, Mark Dixon, Helen Morrison, Robert Dow, Gerry Keating, Grant Barclay.

Minutes of 44th AGM of Linlithgow RFC

Were approved (Nick Chadwick proposing, Gavin Brown seconding).

Matters Arising from 44th AGM

No matters were arising.

Reports on Season 2014/15

Both the outgoing President, Craig Young, and Director of Rugby, Jon Blundell, presented reports on the 2014-15 season.

Introduction of Annual Accounts

Accounts were presented.
There was a 10 minute adjournment to allow members to view audited accounts.

Open Forum

There was brief discussion, but no questions were tabled.

Approval of Accounts for 2014/15

The accounts were unanimously approved, having been proposed by Stuart Cunningham and seconded by Gordon Dixon.

Review of Social Membership and Affiliated Clubs

The following information on membership was presented to the meeting:

Membership v2.001 Membership v3.001

The proposal on membership fees (see President’s Report) was proposed by Ally Maclennan, seconded by Anthony Timlin and unanimously approved by the meeting.

Motions for AGM

A motion was brought to the meeting (see Appendix 3) by the outgoing Executive (proposed Jon Blundell, seconded Ken Richardson) to make various minor changes to the Club Constitution.

The Motion received unanimous support when put to the meeting.

Appointment of Auditor

Grant Barclay was proposed as Club Auditor (Dave Thomas, seconded by Ken Richardson) – this was possible following the redefinition of the Auditor role as approved by the AGM last year.  This received unanimous approval.

Honorary Vice President and Honorary Life Membership

Craig Young was proposed by the outgoing Executive Committee as Honorary Vice President.  This was unanimously endorsed by the meeting.

There were no proposals for Honorary Life Membership.

Election of Office Bearers

The outgoing committee then demitted office and the election of office-bearers for the new season was made.  All candidates were supported unanimously, there being only one at most for each role:

President                                  (not filled)
Vice President                           John Smith
Director of Rugby                    Gordon Dixon
Director of Youth Rugby         Paul Fensom
Hon. Secretary                         Ken Richardson
Hon. Treasurer                        Alison Timlin
Club Captain                            Chris Bredin
Vice Captain                             Stuart Bell
Membership Secretary          Angela Blundell
Fixture Secretary                     (Playing Group to advise)
Match Secretary                      (Playing Group to advise)
Merchandising                        Matt Dixon
Ground Convenor                  Gordon Dixon
PRO                                           (marketing & comms group)
Referees’ Secretary                 Ally Maclennan
Fundraising Convener           (group to be formed to replace 2020 Fundraising Group)
Entertainments Convener    (Admin Group)

Closing Remarks

The meeting concluded with the Secretary thanking all volunteers who had contributed to the Club over the last year and to those who had turned out at the AGM.
Ken Richardson
Secretary, LRFC
17 May 2015