Club Sponsorship

Guidance for developing sponsorship opportunities for use by all Linlithgow Rugby Club officials, including coaches, volunteers and parents/supporters

Over the year a number of opportunities arise where potential sponsors for the club are identified, sometimes it is within your own place of work or company / organisation; or you happen to know someone who is interested in the club and wishes to be involved through sponsoring a one-off specific event or agreeing a longer-term commitment with the club.

It is really important to ensure that discussions which may lead to sponsorship agreements meet with the current policies and procedures of Linlithgow Rugby Club especially as we are now a Company Limited by Guarantee and have to comply with more complex legislation.

If you do identify a potential sponsor, before making any firm commitments, please contact one of:

so that we can support you in taking the opportunity forward.

Linlithgow Rugby Club have a range of opportunities for new and existing sponsors over the next three seasons, by identifying potential sponsors you will be supporting the club and contributing to the continued development and success of the rugby and youth community of Linlithgow. For your potential sponsors it means that their company/organisation will have a strong visible presence within and beyond Linlithgow as our teams travel to matches and tournaments across the country increasing your exposure to a wider customer base.

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Linlithgow Rugby Club values all the work that goes on to maintain the club financially and we hope that you can help in our search to identify potential sponsors.

Thank you,

Ken Richardson
Club President