Bulletin 27

BULLETIN 27 – January 2015

2020A big focus this issue of the centrepiece of our spring programme of fund-raising but this Bulletin also keeps you well up to date with all the news

Pound Round The Pitch

As you will have also seen in the Update, members of the Fund-Raising Group will be at youth training on the evenings of 20, 21, 27 and 28 January to hand out information and sponsorship forms for this event on 14 March.  Please make sure you have this information.  Gordon Muir will ensure that the Micros receive the information as well.

You might remember that we are asking as many members, or parents of members, as possible to walk ten times round the pitch at Upper Mains Park at some time on Saturday 14 March before the First XV game against Portobello.  The first opportunity to walk will be from 9.30.

This is open to everyone.  Parents can do it, as well as all players from Micros to former Peelers.  Coaches can do it and so can all Members.  We are asking everyone who does it to raise at least £10.  That would be one person sponsoring you for a £1 a lap.  But feel free to raise more!  If only 300 people take part – and that is half our membership –and raise the £10, then we shall make our target of £3,000.  Imagine how good it would be to beat that.

Last season’s big fund-raising event was the Gala Dinner which was a terrific evening for those who could go. This Pound Round The Pitch has been devised so that everyone in the Club can be part of it and of what could be an extraordinary day. The Fund-Raising Group are trying to plan ways of making the day special for us all so please take part in this and help us to create another memory.

Festive Socials – fun events also raised money!

The two Festive Socials – the Micros’ Christmas Party and the Hogmanay Party – also created good memories for those who were there. The feedback from those who were at them has been very positive.  A good time was had by all and they both contributed to the fund-raising. The Christmas Party raised £135.00 and the Hogmanay party a magnificent £1,000.

Another milestone for the pigs – keep them coming!

Over the Festive Season, the pigs total also trotted by the £6,000 mark and has now reached £6050.   We know that there are a lot of pigs out there. Please keep filling yours and pop it back (not forgetting to pick up a new, empty one!)

ONE LAST HEAVE – We keep chipping away!

That means our total raised so far this season has reached £13,472. In turn, this takes our target for One Last Heave down to £16,528.  We shall surely chase this all the way down to £0.00 by the end of the season.

Spring Programme

The December Bulletin listed the events planned by the Fund-Raising Group.

To remind you, the School Seniors are planning a Car Wash but we do not have the date yet.  Watch this space.

The Minis’ Race Night is on Friday 27 February.  This is a Linlithgow RFC Race Night where participants work the horses.  Children and adults can both take part and enjoy the fun.  It costs £3.00 to buy a horse and, if your horse wins, then you will win a prize.  Races for the meet can also be sponsored at only £35.00 a race.  More details on how to buy a horse and sponsor a race will be in the next Bulletin.  But put the date in your diary!

Bags2Rugby is back!  We shall be handing out bags again on 14 March and afterwards.  As before, we shall be asking you to fill them with unwanted clothes and bedding.  Then return them by 20 April..

The date for the S3s Treasure Hunt might be changing.  Again, watch this space.

Entry forms for the Golf Day on Friday 1 May are in the Club House and on the Club website which has information about it.  It costs £120 for a team of 4 to enter.  In addition to the main competition, with excellent prizes, there will be contests for the longest putt and “hit the gong”.  Following the golf, there will be prize-giving and a social evening back in the Club House.

2020 Vision – Project News

You might be interested in another milestone we have passed on the wider project.  You might recall that none of our fund-raising has covered the cost of VAT because our professional adviser, Grant Barclay, had ascertained that we could reclaim the VAT on the capital costs – as long as we charged VAT on each hire and each user paid it.

We needed help bridging the gap between paying the VAT and having it refunded by HMRC.  At last year’s General Meeting, Members gave the Club Executive authority to take out a loan from RBS for this purpose.  We have now received our last refund of VAT and paid off the VAT Bridging Loan in full.

As we enter our busy spring, we shall be issuing Bulletins a bit more regularly than once a month, so look out for them, to keep yourself abreast of what we can all be doing to make our One Last Heave – and have some fun as well.