Bulletin 20

2020 VisionBULLETIN 20 – 5 June 2014

We said that the next Bulletin would let you know about the Gala Dinner. Here is the latest news on this, fund-raising in general and other news.

Gala Dinner Count Is Over!

We have now heard from the Bill McLaren Foundation that the final tally for the evening is £28,000. The agreement for this joint event was that proceeds would be shared equally between the Foundation and the Club. In recognition of our efforts, however, the Foundation have said they will send us a cheque for £15,000.

On behalf of the Club Executive, Craig Young said, “The evening achieved three objectives. Firstly, as a Club, we showed that we could successfully organise an event in partnership with a national charity and attract significant numbers. Secondly, by common consent, all present had a great evening. Thirdly, the Club has attracted serious funds for our development. I would like to thank members, local companies, Gordon Dunne, our sponsor, and all who supported this event.”

Moreover, the Foundation has invited us to apply for one of their grants to support the work the Club does in promoting rugby.

Pigs etc

And our own local fund-raising goes on. The total for the piggy banks has now risen to £5,011.50. That is nearly £400 higher than we reported in the last Bulletin.

We sent away well over 100 bags to Bags2Rugby so we shall be waiting to hear what we receive the second time we have tried this. And the foreign coins collected in the bottle behind the bar weigh over 10 kg so we shall be sending these off as well to see what this brings in. The good news is that the bottle is now nearly empty and so it is ready for all the foreign coins that come back with you from your summer holidays.

Where does all this take us as we go into the summer? Excluding the total from the Gala Dinner, we have raised £40,565. With it, this shows a fantastic effort with over £55,000 in total. Well done, everyone – and, with next season’s efforts to come, we are well on track to meet our target.

External Fund-Raising

Apart from the application that we shall be making to the Bill McLaren Foundation, we have only one application outstanding and we are waiting to hear from the Edinburgh Airport Community Board.


You will see that the work is proceeding on site, foundations laid and the walls beginning to emerge. The building programme is on the 2020 Notice Board in the Club House. There have been changes to the sequencing of some of the tasks. For example, the steel framework is now due to arrive on site and be erected towards the end of June. Then the cladding and roof will go on which will make it all look much more like the final product. Work will then focus on the inside, not least the pitch being laid!

The important thing is that changes within the schedule are making no difference to the planned completion date by the end of October.

We would remind members that, if they have any questions relating to the construction site, please speak, in the first instance, to David Mitchell (07811202757) or to any member of the Executive.

Other Club News

It is a year since we recruited our first ever Modern Apprentice, to help Dougie with all his work in the local schools. We were lucky enough to find Jack Frame who has done a superb job. Jack is now off to college and we wish him all the best.

We have decided that the Club should continue to employ this valuable resource which helps us in our aim to promote the game of rugby and so, together with Scottish Rugby, we have advertised and interviewed for a replacement. We are delighted to announce that Tom Townend, last season’s School First XV captain, will be taking over from Jack in August.

Members will see that the marquee is now erected at Mains Park for the Marches. We told you it could be done! The marquee will be up until 23 June and then you will see the steel work go up. Why not support some of the marquee events during the Marches – see the most recent Update for details.

And there is fund-raising but…

As we said before, there will be a short pause in our fund-raising activity – although feel free to keep the pigs rolling in. Looking at what we have achieved, reported above, we all deserve a rest. We shall launch our autumn programme at Registration Weekend on 23/24 August. The dates for this activity will go on our web site soon so keep an eye out for them. Finally, remember also to pick up on of the Commonwealth Games quiz sheets (for only one pound) and give yourself a chance to win a meal for four at the Auld Hole in the Wall. The quiz sheets are in the Club House.


Look out for the next 2020 Bulletin in early August as we limber up for the new season. We have done really well. Take a break over summer before fund-raising begins again, when we shall also be looking forward to the opening of the new facility.