2s at Watsonians (Dec 21)

2s Brave the Sleet and Snow at Myreside

Watsonian 2s  22 – 7  Linlithgow 2s

Saturday 04 December 2021

Match report by Des Martin

The Reds 2s team, depleted by a few annoying last minute call offs, departed Linlithgow with the bare minimum to field a full team but the Manager was optimistic as everyone was capable of putting on a good performance. The weather on leaving Linlithgow although cold was dry, but on arrival at Myreside the weather changed and it started to snow. The pitch was wet, it was gloomy and dark and by kick-off everyone was soaked and cold.

The referee an enthusiastic young chap did not seem to notice the cold or the weather and his only concession to the players and managers was to say, if we can’t see the lines I will have to consider the situation. Everyone was hoping he would say, cut it short, play 30 minutes each way or some sort of concession to the conditions, but no, his stop watch was accurate to the second.

The game continued with both sides struggling for any continuity as the ball was covered in slush and hands were frozen resulting in many scrums for which the forwards were grateful. The backs as you went farther out from the action were isolated and cold and eventually Callum Hylands was taken from the field as the early symptoms of hypothermia were setting in. The game continued and by half time Watsons had scored two tries , one conversion and a penalty, 15-0 to the home team.

The Linlithgow players, to be fair, had put huge pressure on the Watsonian team through big carries by Adam Scott, Liam Park, Jamie Tulloch and Ewan Mitchell but the tackling by the home team was immense and repelled all efforts.

At half time everyone hoped the second half would be cut short, but all stuck to the task and the game ebbed and flowed as frozen fingers failed to hold the ball and some brains began to slow down due to the cold conditions. During this time, Liam Park always game for a bursting run charged over and scored a try which was converted by Kiki Cochrane, 15-7 for Watsonians.  

Watsonians scored again 22-7 and most players on both sides wanted into the showers but the ref was keen to see the game out to the bitter and cold end. Eventually the final whistle sounded and all made a mad dash for the warmth of the changing rooms. A big thanks to all the lads that played, on good day we could have won. A home game next week against Edinburgh Accies. Hope everyone’s thawed out by then!