2s at Grangemouth (Nov 14)

Reds 2s Get Good Run Out at Grangemouth in Noon Kick-Off

Grangemouth 2s  17 – 12  Linlithgow 2s

Saturday 22 November 2014

An early kick off was arranged for twelve o’clock against local opposition so that the players could watch Scotland play Tonga in the hope that the national team would improve on their display against New Zealand.

The Reds had to rearrange the team because of the early ok with Chris Ronalson moving to scrum half and Scott Watson filling the stand off slot.

Scott kicked off and the Grangemouth ten cleared to touch.  Linlithgow won a scrum but lost the ball from a knock on. Indeed the first twenty minutes was littered with stops and starts, knock ons and missed touch kicks. The very large Grangemouth Highland Games athlete on the wing made the best impact and brought the Grangemouth team into the Linlithgow 22.  From the ensuing scrum a missed tackle resulted in a Grangemouth score (5-0).

Some Linlithgow players were showing well with Stu Young leading the effort.  Unfortunately not enough Linlithgow players were following Stuart’s example and Grangemouth scored again to leave the score 12-0 in favour of the home team at half-time.

The manager made a couple of changes at half time with Sean Hagarty moving to second row and Mark Caddle coming in to the back row for his first experience in the seniors.

The second half started brightly and before long the Reds were collecting a line out through Hagarty and when the ball was shipped across the backs, Nick Cowan sprinted in between the posts after a switch move.  This was converted (12-7 to Grangemouth).

The Reds started to believe in themselves and Fraser Mochrie, Euan Murray and Davy Syme all carried and gained ground. After a period of Reds’ pressure, Scott Watson scored in the corner.

The score was 12-12 with about 5 mins to go.  Unfortunately for the visitors, the large Grangemouth winger got the ball again and lumbered over poor Reds tackling to add an additional 5 points for Grangemouth.

Frantic activity in the last few minutes were of no avail and the Grangemouth team ran out winners.  All agreed this was a good game enjoyed by players and spectators alike. The national team rewarded us all later for our early start by performing well and winning convincingly against Tonga at Kilmarnock.