2017 Prediction Cards

2017 RBS 6 Nations Prediction Cards

Target – Every Member to Sell at Least 10 Cards

We are asking ALL Club members, young and old, to help raise funds for the Club by getting your friends and family to predict the results of all this season’s RBS 6 Nations’ matches. It’s very easy and good fun. If each member can sell at least 10 prediction cards, then we will have raised at least £4,000, which is our target. This money will go towards renovating our existing Clubhouse – work will be needed in the near future to replace the lounge windows and shutters, to upgrade the kitchen and to replace the lounge roof.

If you haven’t already collected your prediction cards to sell then you will find your prediction cards in the foyer in envelopes in alphabetical order. Where there were family members we have tried to use the players names.

Most of you will know what this is all about. For newer members there will be a letter of explanation in the envelope. The majority of the envelopes contain 10 to sell, others contain 20, some contain more and are based on previous sales. The challenge for us all is to sell at least 10 prediction cards.

Coaches and parents – we are looking to your help in ensuring that all envelopes are picked up. If you cannot find an envelope it may be that you are not on the membership list. There are ready made blank envelopes if you ask Craig Young. There are also spare tickets loose at the bar.

Some Tips for Selling Prediction Cards

Please note that we are aware of the error in the print (there’s nowhere to put the name and address). Don’t let this put you off, there’s still plenty room on the ticket.  Just make sure you tell people about it when handing them out. Remember you have until 4th February to sell them and please tell people to keep the back (pink) copy for the record.

Electronic versions in both Word and Excel version are available for those who work in large offices. You can send the returns to Craig Young.

Please send any questions to Craig Young.

Download Electronic Versions


2017 Excel version pred