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Final Quarterly Draw and Annual Bonus Draw of 2016
– £1,800 Worth of Prizes Won

Saturday 3rd December 2016 witnessed the quarterly prize draw and the annual bonus draw in the 100 Club. Thanks to all those members, another £4,000 has been raised this year to support rugby at Linlithgow. Tom McNeil was present to claim his £1,000 annual bonus prize, while the quarterly prize winners were:
£500 Sharon Hampson-Bahia
£200 Ted Thomas
£100 Colin Wells

Third Quarterly Draw of 2016

100 Club Quarterly Draw

The quarterly prize draw was made on Sunday 28 August. Congratulations to the following winners:

First prize (£500) – Jackie Jesty
Second prize (£200) – Eric Brown
Third prize (£100) – Mark Wells

Second Quarterly Draw of 2016

The second quarterly draw for the 100 Club was made on 27 May following the Rugby Review open meeting in the Clubhouse. The winners were:
– First prize (£500)  Moyra Richardson
– Second prize (£200)  Robbie Richardson
– Third prize (£100)  Anne Brown

First Quarterly Draw of 2016

The first quarterly draw for the 100 Club was made in February.  The winners were:
– First prize (£500) Roddy Bain
– Second prize (£200) Carl Davies
– Third prize (£100) Pam Thomson

£1,000 Annual Bonus Prize This Year!

27 November 2015

The quarterly draw and the annual bonus draw was made at this year’s Sportsman’s Dinner in the Clubhouse, by guest speaker Bill Barclay.

The following people won:

£1,000 Annual Bonus Sandra Stewart
£500 Quarterly winner Gordon Dixon
£200 Quarterly 2nd prize Brian Grant
£100 Quarterly 3rd prize Anne Brown

Congratulations to all the winners – well deserved in every case as they all do a tremendous amount for the Club.

What is the 100 Club?

2020 VisionThe 100 Club is an on-going fundraiser for the club.  It was started in 2013 and members subscribe £100 a year, either through monthly, quarterly or annual payments.  Half the proceeds go into quarterly prize draws (February, May, August and November) with significant prizes for members.  In addition, there is a special annual prize draw coincident with the November quarterly draw.



100 Club Prizewinners

There are 13 cash prizes to be won each year in the 100 Club.

Each quarterly draw has three prizewinners (£500, £200 and £100) and there is an additional Annual Bonus draw each year at the final quarterly draw in November (worth £800 at current number of members)

Here is a list of the winners to date:

Date First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize
Annual Bonus Prize
(£800 – £1,000)
February 2013 David Kennedy  Neil Wilson Ronnie Bamberry
May 2013  Keith Johnstone Ian Brocklebank Sheena Berridge
August 2013  Bobby Bennie Claire Withnell  Carl Davies
November 2013  Ian Ballantyne  Louise Batty Lisa Smith  Mark Smith
February 2014 David Mitchell  Nick Chadwick Carl Davies
May 2014  Mark Wells  Mark Smith  Ken Richardson
August 2014  Mark Osborne Andy Dunlop Nick Chadwick
November 2014 Ken Richardson Ronnie Bamberry Brian Grant Dave Keddie
February 2015 Ally Maclennan Tom McNeill Ted Thomas
May 2015  Roddy Bain  Garry Withnell  Jane Brown
August 2015 John Smith Derry Barton Jamie Chapman
November 2015  Gordon Dixon  Brian Grant Anne Brown  Sandra Stewart
February 2016 Roddy Bain Carl Davies Pam Thomson

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