Young Reds v Morrisons Academy (Feb 22)

Young Reds v Morrisons Academy

Saturday 05 February 2022

The Young Reds S1, S2 and S3 all hosted their counterparts from Morrisons Academy (Crieff) on Saturday. Although the weather conditions were far from ideal, some excellent and committed rugby was on view. There were fine wins for all 3 teams…

Young Reds S1 Report

Linlithgow  20 – 4  Morrisons Academy

Report by Malcolm Dunn

Well  one thing was for sure, we couldn’t have worse weather for a game than last week against High School of Glasgow …could we???!!!  We’ll the answer to that was yes – powering rain, freezing cold and high winds was the setting for Saturday’s match against Morrisons Academy.

Morrisons wisely stayed on the bus to the last possible moment, while we huddled for shelter from the elements. We talked a lot about a good start which has eluded us in previous few games with a focus on winning the ruck. It was therefore a concern when, straight from kick off, our first ruck was immediately turned over and we were on the back foot.

The boys though were not concerned and immediately set about their defensive sets and suddenly there was the urgency and desire we were looking for. It took 5 or so minutes to finally create an opportunity, Angus C looking really fired up on the ball, Max passed wide and Rory drew two defenders onto him and put Thomas in space who had a lot to do from far out. His power though  was too much for the defence and he had the legs to finish from long range. 

Now going ahead the Young Reds we’re in no mood to let up and as a team they hounded and harried Morrisons. Elliot, Thomas M and Euan were really fast to press up and put pressure on Morrisons who found themselves going backwards. Again it was Thomas who benefited from a dropped ball and he skipped in from short range for a second try.

Now the whole team we’re getting involved with Angus starting the next movement well supported by Daniel and Fraser. As a team they swept up the field, through Joe first looking dangerous then Jay and Hugh both showing good foot work. Euan had a long run and got close before a phase or two later Scott sneaked into the corner. 3 scores up and Rory added the extras despite the gale force winds…

Morrisons restarted, but immediately Max showed great anticipation and streaked away with an interception from half way and that’s how the half finished – 4 converted scores to nil.

The half time team talk was about how important it was to score first as Morrisons had shown plenty of ability and if they got back in the fight it would go all the way. Led by Alfie from the restart the Young Reds were fierce, making yards through Fraser W, the Kris and lastly Euan. Morrisons though had a few breaks of their own and but for Hugh and Scott tracking back we could have been in trouble. Then a decisive blow! Rory having passed and kicked well ran from deep and proved to have too much pace for the Morrisons wide defence, scoring to ensure there would be no comeback.

The game from then petered out a little as players got cold and there were some injury breaks. Final score 20-4

Man of the match is a tough one – Thomas J was excellent in defence and attack, Max had a great game and was always a threat, Euan had some great runs and a few turnovers, Rory had one of his best all round games kicking intelligently,  passing well and also was threat ball in hand but…It goes this week to Angus C! We had talked a lot about commitment, working hard for the team and winning ruck ball. Right from the warm up Angus was slamming into rucks and winning ball and it was he who set the standard on the pitch and laid the platform for a great team performance!

Young Reds S2s

Linlithgow 26 – 11 Morrisons Academy

Report to follow…

Young Reds S3s

Linlithgow 43 – 10 Morrisons Academy

Report to follow…