Wee Reds v Dunfermline June 2021

After 15 Months – At Last the
Wee Reds Are Back in Action!

Wee Reds v Dunfermline

Sunday 13 June 2021

Almost 15 months to the day since the Wee Reds played their last games at Watsonian Rugby Club in Edinburgh, the Wee Reds finally got back into action with matches against Dunfermline.

With restrictions still in place, the friendly fixture was arranged with two age groups (P6 and P7) playing at Dunfermline and two (P4 and P5) at Mains Park. To help with space, the wee Reds Micros moved their training session to the Academy pitch.

Here are two short reports and some photos from Sunday:

Wee Reds P6 s at Dunfermline

Couple of photos of the P6 boys at Dunfermline this morning. Everyone played well and it was good to have some different opposition for a change.

Plenty tries scored by both teams and everyone had a great time.

Wee Reds P6 Team at Dunfermline
Wee Reds and Dunfermline P6s

Wee Reds P4s Short Report

The P4s had the first competitive run out of the season against Dunfermline on Sunday. 

We had enough players to have two games running on a very hot morning in Linlithgow.

A tremendous amount of effort was put in by both teams with some great all round rugby skills and great tackling (for the first time tackling anyone but their friends). 

Looking forward to the same again at Falkirk this Sunday! This time the age groups will be reversed, with the P4s and P5s travelling to Falkirk, while the P6s and P7s play at home.

Wee Reds P4 Team at Mains Park v Dunfermline