Wee Reds Minis at Home (Feb 17)

Wee Reds Inspired by Scotland’s Win Against Ireland Turn in Some Cracking Performances

Sunday 05 February 2017

The Wee Reds’ Minis hosted Forrester, Boroughmuir and Livingston on Sunday, with matches played at Mains Park, the school pitch and on the indoor pitch for the Micros. Despite the muddy conditions outside, a great time was had by all, with players looking to emulate their Scotland heroes after Saturday’s fabulous win at Murrayfield!

Read on for the age group match reports below.

Wee Reds P4 Report

Sunday saw teams from Foresters, Boroughmuir and Livingston visit Mains Park for a P4 festival of rugby.  Conditions were heavy going undergoing underfoot but the rain held off once the rugby got underway.  Overall it was a very successful morning with each team getting the opportunity to play each other and producing a high try count – perhaps inspired by Scotland’s endeavours the previous day.

Both Livingston and Linlithgow were able to field two teams and sportingly two Linlithgow boys (Connor and Harry) made themselves available to Foresters so that they could put out a put out a full side. Whilst the results are not important at this stage, the two Linlithgow sides won all of their games against the visiting teams leaving a hard fought (and tightly refereed) game between the two sides.  This ended in a draw which seemed a fair reflection on the high standard to which both teams played.

As coaches we were really impressed by how well the boys have come on since September.  Given that we only started to introduce contact 5 months ago, it’s great to see how well the boys adapted.  This includes their “new found” ability to make tackles as well as their keenness to get back up and get involved once they have been tackled themselves.  However what was particularly impressive on Sunday was their support play.  It was great to see the boys offloading in the tackle to a support player who was, at times running at pace.  I saw two tries which particularly stood out for me where the boys put together 4 or 5 offloads, making it very difficult for the visiting teams to defend against.

We also really appreciate all the effort that parents put in to make the day such a success, from getting the boys  along to rugby enabling us to put out two high standard teams, helping out in the cafe (even though strictly speaking it wasn’t our turn) and dealing with particularly muddy  boys and their rugby kit afterwards.  THANKS

Coach Nick

Wee Reds P5 Report

On Sunday we welcomed Boroughmuir and Livingston RFC to the club for some games against our P5 squad. The weather over the preceding few days had been pretty wet and the pitches were very heavy going as a result (see the mud in the pictures of the day). The good thing is that, whilst it was definitely a day for the tractors in our squad as opposed to our speedsters, we saw some seriously entertaining rugby and witnessed a bucket load of tries.

As always we have to start by thanking the parents who make such an effort to bring their kids along to Linlithgow RFC. On Sunday we had 26 players (even with 5 call offs) and were able to comfortably field 3 teams – by comparison Boroughmuir brought 15 players and Livingston had 10 players on the day. Keeping our playing numbers up is a huge goal of the club and we are very fortunate in the P5s to be able to maintain such playing numbers through the dedication of our parents week in, week out.

Also an extra special thank you to everyone who helped at the café! The response from our P5 parents was great and the feedback about your help very positive. I think the club made a good profit on the day… and whoever brought the soup is getting rave reviews!!

On to the rugby… over the course of the morning the Linlithgow teams played a total of 12 games and lost only 1 of them. The statistics speak for themselves and that was a fantastic result for all of the players. The rugby that the guys are playing at the moment (not just Sunday, but the previous week) is genuinely of a very high standard and they are coming on leaps and bounds.

A year or so ago we were winning games off the back of the defensive efforts of one or two players, and that’s to be expected when they are all getting used to tackling and the rougher side of the game. However we can really see the development across the whole squad with every player now undertaking their share of tackling, rucking and doing the hard work. One of the opposing coaches on Sunday positively commented about the commitment of our team when we were defending – not one player, but the whole team.

Defences win games, but attacks decide by how much …. I just made that up, but it sounds good even if I do say so myself … !!

However in attack we were equally as good as we had been in defence and we played a stunning style of rugby that led to a huge number of tries. In particular the guys high quality offloading and pop passing was a massive factor on such a wet and slippery day. The amount of times we passed the ball out  a tackle and that led to a try was unbelievable. Sometimes we despair at training about dropped balls and poor passes (that’s why they do a lot of press ups), but the fact the squad can turn it on when we play games is really rewarding to see.

Myself, Ian and Gary (the coaches) spent some time afterwards discussing how the morning had gone and we were genuinely delighted with the overall way we played today. I’d also want you to note the number of comments we made about the positive attitude of the team, and the way they all behaved and approached the games. I think it’s fair to say they are really developing as a squad and our overall approach and behaviour has come on hugely since we started P5.

Thanks again for all your support and see you at training!

Coach Stewart

Wee Reds P6 Report

Here is the update from the P6 games with a cracking day of rugby in the mud!

Two great Linlithgow teams played their hearts out today.  A full set of wins against Boroughmuir and Livingston with great tackling support play and passing.  Loved the pop passes and some fantastic pencils in the ruck to protect and pass out the ball.  Well done for Ailsa on her first games and bag of tries, my favourite was the bulldoze through 2 players with a drive for the line.  Also great hands from Ryan who had his best game I have seen him play.  Everybody was up for it and you all brought your A game today.

Coach Mark

Wee Reds P7 Report

Following a weather enforced change of location on Sunday morning, we got some decent conditions for the boys to play their matches at the Academy.  It’s been a long time since we played competitive matches, so it was great to get the team out for a run and the boys were very enthusiastic to get playing.

After the overnight rainfall, the ground was heavy, and our boys adapted their play perfectly to those conditions.  In their first match against Livingston, our local derby game, we borrowed one player from Livingston to make it 12 a side and we set about our task in a really impressive fashion.  Our forwards were aggressive in ball carrying and retention, working hard on the skills we’ve practiced recently in supporting the ball carrier and protecting possession.   This aggression created space in the wider channels and we have some fantastic pace and elusive runners in our backs who exploited that expertly.  This mix of play saw us come out very convincing winners.  Thanks to Sam for joining our team and for playing so well for us – we’ll make a Wee Red out of him yet….

In our second match against Forrester, our desire and pace were too much for the visitors and the game finished after 10 minutes with us a number of tries up without reply.  Again, the boys adapted to playing against physically larger boys in the Forrester team by moving the ball into spaces and continually moving forward.  In defence, our line speed had the opposition panicking and dropping the ball whenever they had a chance to attack us.

In our final match against Boroughmuir, we were matched in physicality and guile in what was a really entertaining match to watch.  We sadly suffered a couple of injuries late on in the match while we were pressing on the ‘Muir lines while 1 try behind.  We decided to call the game at that point and retire to the clubhouse for sustenance.

Many thanks to those who came along to support the boys in the cold – it makes a massive difference to them hearing cheering and encouragement from the touchlines when they’re frozen solid and sore.  The boys are playing a lovely brand of team rugby just now and have a great mix of power and speed.  Let’s keep that going for the rest of the season !

Coach Alan