Wee Reds at Edinburgh Accies (Jan 18)

Wee Reds Minis Return to Action after Winter Break

Sunday 28 January 2018

P6 Minis at Edinburgh Accies

After the winter break the Wee Reds P6 Minis had their first games of 2018 against Edinburgh Accies and Royal High Cougars on Sunday in Edinburgh. Despite a squad which was depleted by birthday parties being held at the same time, the P6s were able to field two extremely competitive teams – something that not even the hosts, Edinburgh Accies, were able to do. Once again that’s testament to the support of the players and their parents travelling to represent the club. The coaches can only thank them for their ongoing support!

It was a damp and bleak day, and not fitted to running and free flowing Rugby. A day for the ‘tractors’ as opposed to the ‘sports cars’.

Regardless, the Linlithgow teams played some extremely attractive Rugby and the coaches saw the passing, free flowing style that they’d been coaching over the past few months coming through. The P6s held their own against a strong Accies team. But for a few dropped balls going forward, unsurprising when you remember the wet conditions and a hesitancy at the ruck, they’d have beaten the hosts. Remembering that they are a team who swept all before them last time we met, it was a great performance by the Linlithgow squad. Sadly the game was lost by a single try. However it was touch and go all the way and could have gone either way at the end.

The P6s other opponents were RHC, who were a robust and direct team, a slightly different prospect to Accies. Yet the P6s fronted up admirably and through heroic defence and perseverance when they had the ball, ran out well deserved winners of that game. Rather than be dragged into a dog fight, the youngsters managed to keep playing rugby and moving the ball wherever possible.

Interestingly the best game of all seemed to be Linlithgow versus Linlithgow! Probably because it had an extra edge and possibly because of a little bias on the coaches’ part!  The tries that were scored in this game were free flowing and saw the ball being moved around the field.

All in all, a great first outing for the year. Some things to work on, most notably a bit of aggression and impetus when rucking, but a fine showing for the team. It’s great to see where the P6 Minis are starting 2018 and the coaches cannot wait for the remainder of the season.

Stewart Macleod

P7 Minis at Edinburgh Accies

The Wee Reds P7 Minis travelled with 14 players with the first game against RHC.  With two players making their Rugby debuts it was great to see us run 12 tries in a rather one sided game.  The up side of this was that Ewan and Cameron both scored tries on their debuts and played a full game each.

The second game was a much tougher affair with Edin Accies and Linlithgow going toe to toe in a pulsating and tight game which was a try a piece in the first half.  In the closing stages of the second half Accies held their back line and then managed to get their speedy winger in for his hat-trick of tries with the final score 3-1 to Accies.  It was great to see Ailsa and the boys being pushed in a very competitive game.  The tackling , support play and passing was exceptional from Linlithgow, but the P7 Minis will need to work more on their positioning in the backs to help our defensive line over the coming games.

Mark Osborne

P4 Minis at Edinburgh Accies

The P4s had their first run out since before Christmas, fielding 18 players in 2 teams. The morning saw each of the teams play 5 games against Accies and RHC. The guys did brilliantly especially after such as long break, overall the teams were evenly matched are shown by the results for one of the teams of 3 draws one win and one draw.
As always thanks to the parents for their support!
Martin King