Temporary Procedure Gym

TEMPORARY PROCEDURE: Agreed Procedure for Gym Operation
First Issued: 25 October 2020;
Updated 11 December 2020

Risk Assessment

The original risk assessment (Friday 28 August 2020) was reviewed based on temporary changes to the Scottish Rugby Roadmap (as agreed with the Scottish Government) which came into effect for the period Saturday 9th October to Sunday 25th October inclusive. These cover indoor exercise and gym operations.

Level 3 Restrictions

All group exercise activity classes have ceased and only individual training sessions with individual guidance are now allowed. These sessions will be monitored by a responsible person (identified by the Club’s Development Officer) as part of an overall programme of activity, however there will be no group instruction. A schedule of slots will be identified and advertised with a pre-booking system in place. All attendance will be recorded and records kept for Test and Protect purposes.

Revised Gym Operating Procedure

  • The gym will be managed by the team of Dougie Thomson (Club Development Officer) and Stuart Jamieson (Approved S&C Trainer)
  • Training slots will be identified by either Stuart Jamieson or Dougie Thomson and advertised accordingly,
  • Individuals will be required to pre-book and follow the Covid-19 declaration protocol,
  • The only access to the gym will be as part of a controlled session monitored by a responsible person (as identified by either Dougie Thomson or Stuart Jamieson),
  • The responsible person will control access using a combination of electronic fob and deadlock mortice arrangements,
  • The gym has been marked out with work stations for individual users, with each work station consisting of at least 10 metres2 and with a minimum dimension of 3 metres,
  • A full clean of the gym floor will be carried out at the start of each day by the Rugby Club cleaner,
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitising facilities are in place and users are provided with their own anti-bacterial spray for the duration of their session,
  • Users will be fully briefed, trained and led in the use of the cleaning and sanitising facilities for the first time that they use the gym under the revised current arrangements, 
  • No access to toilets, showers or changing rooms will be allowed.

Main Areas of Risk and Mitigation

A non-approved person gains access to gym

  • deadlock and fob access system security in place
  • continuous CCTV coverage of gym and access corridor

Person with Covid-19 symptoms uses the gym

  • all users will be asked to confirm they are symptom free before using the facility

Person passes on virus unwittingly (ie unaware that they have virus)

  • users are fully briefed by trainer in advance of the first session they attend
  • users remain in socially distanced work stations throughout each session
  • users only enter, exit or move around gym under instruction of trainer
  • user is required to hand-sanitise on arrival and to wear a face mask when entering or leaving the building
  • user is given own bottle of anti-bacterial spray for each session
    (these are cleaned after each session)
  • each work station is sanitised before and after use by user
  • gym is cleaned by trainer after each session
  • users are required to socially distance on departure