Solar Power

LCDT Achieves Funding Target for Rugby Club Solar Energy Pilot Scheme

(Message from Linlithgow Community Development Trust)

“Thanks to the generosity of Linlithgow residents and local businesses, we have reached our funding target in just over one month. In keeping with the conditions of the Bond Offer, we are now closing the offer early.

We shall now progress with installing the pilot project Solar PV system by 31st March 2018.

Our intention is to continue building LINLITH-GO-SOLAR with a second larger phase of the project. If you would be interested in investing in future phases please let us know.

We aim to maintain communications via email and social media with all current bond investors as the project progresses.

PLEASE CONTACT OR 07827294879 or via the Scotcomfinance bond 1 link.

Thank you once again for your commitment.

Linlithgow Community Development Trust”

Message from the Rugby Club:

This is great news and Linlithgow Rugby Club congratulates LCDT on reaching its community funding target and looks forward to working with the organisation to deliver this pilot project safely, on time and within budget.