Scottish Rugby Governance

16 April 2020

Update on Governance from Scottish Rugby President,

Dee Bradbury 

We advised in early March 2020 that following the decision of Scottish Rugby Council, the Task Force (a Council created working group) had been formed to address governance issues within Scottish Rugby.

This working group of the Council is chaired by the President. The members of the group in addition to the President, bring a variety and balance of rugby and professional experiences, and are:

Colin Rigby – National Division 1 Council Representative

Andrew Little – National Division 3 Council Representative

Hazel Swankie – Midlands Regional Council Representative

Bob Richmond – North Regional Council Representative 

Ian Rankin – Co-opted Pro14 Council Representative

Julie Bracewell – Scottish Rugby Board Member

The Task Force recognises that rugby is a leading sport within Scotland and in order to continue its growth and development, a structure must be in place to ensure Scottish Rugby is effective as both a governing body and a sporting business.

The group has met by conference call with positive and productive progress being made.  The COVID-19 lock-down restrictions have given the group additional time to consider the relevant issues and meet online more regularly. Accordingly, consensus has been reached on a number of key topics and further work remains to be done on some outstanding issues.

The Task Force are considering and addressing the feedback from the Clubs which have been voiced to Council Members and is committed to keeping the interests of the Clubs at the centre of discussions. The Task Force appreciates that this process may take some time but all members are willing to dedicate the necessary hours to ensure that any recommendations made have been carefully considered, discussed and are fully informed.

Once any recommendations have been reached the Task Force will report those findings to the Council for their consideration. Any recommendations will be subject to full consultation with Scottish Rugby’s clubs and other relevant stakeholders.

The President commented: “We are all experiencing challenging and uncertain times and my thoughts are with all of our people and clubs who are currently experiencing unprecedented circumstances. The Task Force considered it a matter of some importance to continue with our work. The clubs are, and will continue to be, integral to all of our discussions. We aim to conduct our business rigorously rather than at pace and will consult at all appropriate stages of the work.”