Scotland Season Pass 2018-19

Scotland International Rugby Season Passes 2018-19

Information for Club Members who may wish to purchase Season Passes for 2018-19 from Paul Birrell

Season Passes were introduced a couple of seasons ago. For a single discounted payment you get a seat for all of Scotland’s home matches for the season, including Autumn Tests and 6 Nations’ matches. The downside is that you cannot choose where you sit – your seat is allocated for all the matches.

I will still be able to order individual match tickets for you for all Scotland’s home matches and the away 6 Nations’ matches and details of this will come out shortly.

The SRU have been doing a review of how Season Passes are being handled and the consensus is that they should be linked to individuals rather than through the Club’s Ticket Secretary. This will kick in fully for season 2019-2020.

This coming season, it may be possible for the Club to order more Season Passes through me but I have to satisfy those who ordered last season first. I have been assured that in the future there will be a mechanism for making sure that the club still gets a commission on each season pass sold to a club member (this amounts to 10%, which is quite significant for the Club).

If you wish to apply for a Season Pass and did not have one last year, please complete the order form ( Application_Season_Pass_2018-19_v2 ) for the coming season and return to me ASAP and by 10thMay at the latest. Please note bank and payment details. Hopefully I will be able to source these providing I do not get a massive response!!

Paul Birrell
Ticket Secretary
Linlithgow Rugby Club