S1s Bring in New Year with 15 Tries

S1s Bring in New Year with 15 Tries!

Linlithgow Academy s1s  65 – 0  George Watson’s College S1B

Saturday 09 January 2016

The S1s started off the new year the way they ended the old year with some excellent all-round rugby as they ran in 15 tries against Watson’s at Linlithgow.

They demonstrated some excellent core skills, good team spirit and a good understanding and reading of the game.  They were able to introduce two new players to the team and they slotted in as though they had been there all season!

This squad, which has been together since Micro rugby, is showing the benefits of School of Rugby and YDS work.

The other age group teams didn’t fair as well on Saturday against good opposition, but it was good to get a game under their belts after the appalling weather.