S1/P7s in 2017

S1/P7s Score 36 Tries in First Three Games of 2017

Only 3 Tries Conceded in That Time

The first 3 games of 2017 show that the S1/P7 team have continued their winning ways from 2016. The results for the first 3 games of 2017, below, show how playing as a team, supporting each other, sticking to the basics and playing with a smile on your face can pay off.

Linlithgow 41 – 4  Lomond School
Linlithgow 39 – 4  Royal High School
Linlithgow 54 – 4  Trinity Academy

In all 3 games the S1/P7’s maintained their impressive defensive record only conceding 3 tries, whilst scoring 36 tries. This has been a result of keeping their shape, moving up together in a line, better communication and challenging in set pieces and mauls / rucks.

On the attacking front the S1/P7’s have shown that passing the ball through the hands and supporting the runner can lead to tries. By securing their own set pieces and winning a share of the oppositions the team have set the platform for some great attacking rugby throughout the team. This has been further supported by unselfish behaviour and making the right decisions / passes close to the line.

The team as always have keep their composure and discipline and been a credit to the club. They continue to develop their team spirit and play for / support each other on the pitch.

The P7’s ( and their parents / coaches ) who have stepped up this year to support the S1’s deserve a special mention, not only do they bring a real desire, passion and commitment to the team they have gelled really well with the S1’s, and they along with the S1’s, have played some outstanding rugby at times.

S1 Coaches