S1 v Hutchesons (Aug16)

Good Start to Season for New S1 Team

Linlithgow Academy v Hutchesons

Saturday 27 August 2016

Firstly credit has to go to Hutcheson GS, for supplying players so we could play 13 a side match. Hutcheson arrived with 24 players compared to our 9. After discussing with Hutcheson’s coaches we agreed that rather that having a training session we would play 3 games ( 20 mins ) to give both teams their first taste of S1 rugby on a full pitch.

From the start and throughout both teams discipline was excellent and they played in the true spirit of the game, it was a pleasure to game coach the games. It was hard to tell which players were from Linlithgow and which were from Hutcheson’s as the players from Hutcheson’s who were playing for Linlithgow gave it their all. There is a big step up from P7 to S1, however, you would not have know that both teams had only one training session prior to today.


There were many positives from the S1 performance:

  • Attitude and Discipline
  • Good attacking at times
  • Line our worked well, can now contest
  • Scrums although I decided that they should not be contested worked well i.e. ball going back to no 8 and passed away quickly
  • Tackling, very few high tackles
  • Hand-offs were almost all chest or below
  • Rucking, was in general very good although some handling on the deck
  • Offside, most players came in from back foot, stayed on side
  • Contesting the ball in contact, new for S1, both teams were good at contesting the ball, both won and lost ball in contact
  • Players all arrived in shirt and tie
  • Players respected the changing rooms, they were left spotless

Being picky, but things to work on:

  • Let the ball do the work, there were too many solo efforts
  • Using the full pitch, play was concentrated at times and players cutting back in to trouble
  • Releasing the ball when on the ground, had to penalise both teams for holding on
  • Playing your position, i.e. forwards v backs, a few times forwards were were getting in the way of the backs
  • Supporting the player going in to contact, protecting the ball, then getting ball away, again too many solo efforts
  • Moving away after tackling, both teams guilty of not making reasonable efforts to move away after tackling
  • Tackling
  • Passing the ball, both teams had overlaps at times that were not exploited

Lastly the teams were fairly even, the day was not focussed on winning on losing, I explained to both teams that I was not going to keep score. All in all a great first day, a lot of positives and as always things to work on, again can’t thank Hutcheson’s, coaches and players enough for making the day a success.

Garry Nicol, S1 Rugby Coach
(Game coached the the games)