S1 at Berwick

Linlithgow S1s Win Big in Berwick

Linlithgow S1s managed to put out 17 players for their game against a very good Berwick side.  This allowed two of our better players to step up to help the S2s have a 10 aside game on the next pitch.

We started well and powerful runs from the forwards with Fraser scoring the first try.  Berwick were passing the ball well, but strong tackling across the whole pitch limited their ability to break the Linlithgow line.  From all this great skills at the tackle area the pressure was showing with Fraser scoring another try and Daniel getting a further 2 tries to make it 4 tries to nil.  A bit of a tired pack at the end of the first half allowed the first gaps in our defence and Berwick’s backs finally got their try, but had to move the ball several times to get over the line.

The second half continued to be dominated by Linlithgow’s great tackling and powerful runs with Johnny driving through for our 5th try and Fraser making it 6.  Berwick’s backs were still a threat and managed a couple of breakaway tries as we moved players around in different positions, but the team answered back with great tries from Ruan and Jack to make it 29-11 (8 tries to 3).  Conversations were made by Fraser and Oogs.

Overall a tough game where we dominated the middle of the pitch against a very good organised team.  Still work to do to get the pack around the pitch after the first phase and getting the back line to structure themselves / move the ball wider, but a very good performance from all today.

Thanks to Jack, Ruan and Caiden who stepped up to help the S2s.