Reds 2s at Heriots (Oct 14)

Heriots Depth of Reserves Too Much for Plucky Reds’ 2s

Heriots 3s  26 – 0  Linlithgow 2s

Saturday 18 October 2014

The Reds’ 2s traveled away to Heriots with a few changes from the week before, but the team still looked capable of playing and competing with the running rugby loved by the men at Goldenacre. 

The first half started as suspected with Heriots passing and running well on to the ball.  This caused some difficulties for the visitors, but the centres of Euan Murray and Aaron Flucker dealt with this well.  The forwards, in particular Logan Black, Ronnie Coventry and Gary Anderson, were tackling hard but it was only a matter of time before a slipped tackle let in the Heriots’ stand-off for the first converted try.  (7-0 to Heriots)

The Reds 2s were playing well and dominating the line out through Sean Haggerty and Connall Black and the scrum with Scott Herdman and Gary Laing, but you always felt that Heriots would score again which they did just before the break.  (14-0 to Heriots at half-time)

Neil Dori-Muir came off just before half time and was replaced by Nick Chadwick, the Reds’ only traveling sub. This caused a bit of reshuffling to accommodate Chads’ specific skills and meant the team lost a bit of their shape. Heriots used their 7 replacements to good effect and the Reds began to tire.  Heriots ran in two more tries to leave the score 26-0 to the home team at full-time.

So for the inequalities of Scottish rugby, a large city club with a squad of 30 players for their 3rd XV playing a good local club’s 2nd XV with a squad of 16 players.  The Reds were always going to find it hard as they tired, but they stuck to their task well and much can be taken from the performances of many in the team.

Linlithgow 2s 

Aaron Flucker; Keiron Faulds, Euan Murray, Andy McGown, Neil Dori-Muir; Chris Ronalson, Robbie Thomson; Ronnie Coventry, Gary Laing, Scott Herdman; Sean Haggerty, Connall Black; Lewis Herdman, Logan Black, Ronnie Anderson.

Sub:  Nick Chadwick