P7s at Boroughmuir

P7s at Boroughmuir

Sunday 01 November 2015

Last Sunday saw the Wee Reds P7 team invited to an unusual fixture away to their hosts Boroughmuir in Edinburgh.  As had happened last year, this annual fixture was a combined joint training session with the host squad and with a competitive game to finish.

Both squads were mixed together and split into two groups of players, forwards and backs by the players themselves when asked what position they thought they best suited?  There were a few interesting personal decisions here (with no influence from the coaches) with one or two individuals jumping groups when they realised their faux-pas!?!

The training concentrated on new skills that were required at the P7 age group and line-out development was chosen.  This session was taken entirely by our host coaches, splitting the backs and forwards with specific drills and concluding by combining them both to show the new skills taught in the context of the game.  It was interesting to receive tuition from another coaching group and the general consensus by both players and parents was that it was both good and informative.

Finally, it was onto the main event, a competitive match between both teams to put into practice some of the new drills that had been taught.  It was a tough fought game with both sides equal in their skill set and effort and it resulted in a stalemate match. It was obvious early on that it was going to be a low scoring game.  The hosts were first to score in the first half with some persistent pressure and possession, but a break away try on the back of a spilt ball during the second half allowed Joseph the space needed to run the length of the pitch to score!

Following some competitive play at the breakdown the game ended in a draw and was a fair result for an alternative away fixture!