P6s Win at Madras

P6s Win Big in St Andrews

Sunday 25 January 2015

Well done to all the boys that played today.  Despite missing a few regulars we managed to remain unbeaten with a 4-4 draw against Hillfoots and then wins of 7-1 and 8-3 versus Dunfermline and Dundee respectively. This set up a winner takes all against home team Madras which was narrowly won 3-2. This was a real physical encounter for both teams and it was clear at full time the boys were both mentally and physically drained. This game demonstrated how we are coming up against more physical teams, equally well drilled and the boys did superbly well and should be very proud of themselves. One mention goes to Joseph who scored a hat trick in the last game – clearly fully recovered from being sick in the back of the car on the way up to St Andrews’!

Talking to other coaches during the day none of them had managed any meaningful training sessions since before xmas so it is very evident our indoor facility is paying dividends. Please therefore support the final fund raising events to come in the next few weeks.

Gordon Cairns
P6 Coach