P5s at Stirling County (Mar 16)

P5s at Stirling County

Sunday 06 March 2016

With the squad split and a few late call offs we managed to get 6 players out to Stirling to take on their 3 teams plus Ayr, Stewart Melville and Lomond.  The six of Jake, Marc, Aiden, Little Jack, Sam and Tyler looked like it was going to be a tough day for them with no big players and no subs.  Luckily for the squad Marc’s sister Nina was transferred in from spectator to impact winger with a borrowed gum shield, shirt and playing in trainers.

This made up the Magnificent Seven with orders to play expansive rugby to compete with the bigger teams we were facing.

Boy did they deliver!!!

With licence to pass and run their way to victory, they all put on a show of fast running, jinking and passing rugby.  This had the whole crowd watching applauding their great skills.  With all the support play and passing every team member got on the scoresheet.  Alongside this, the tackling was brilliant with every team member upping their game to bring down the big players with low tackle after low tackle.

We won the first game against StewMel by a couple of tries in a great game.  This was followed up by a big win against Ayr who couldn’t cope with our pace.

The next three games against Stirling were all very close, with us losing by one try in each game.   What really impressed me in these games was the way we played.  Every time Stirling drove through the middle they were tackled again and again making them work really hard for their tries in spite of their size advantage.  We would just respond each time by passing into space delivering the more memorable skilful tries.

Overall, as a coach, I couldn’t be happier as each of the Magnificent Seven gave it their all as individuals while playing as one team.

This Sunday we have Stirling, West and two other teams at home.  I am really looking forward to the rematch were we continue to play a wide passing game that will set us up for the future.

Coach Mark