P5s at Currie

Wee Reds P5 at Currie

8th November 2015

The Wee Reds took two squads to Currie.  Here are reports from the two coaches:

Martin’s Report

The team I was with were unbeaten in the 4 games that the played, but they were all very close games with only a couple of points in each game with the exception of the final game that we drew.  Unfortunately we never got the opportunity to beat, I mean play, Kinross but we played the first Currie team twice so the boys got lots of rugby time.

The boys all played amazingly and are really gelling as a team rather than individuals on the park. The way the boys all played in every game was superb to watch from the sidelines. T hey all moved up as a team and put the opposition under a great deal of pressure and this continued at every retake.  I think tiredness was starting to settle on the last two games as at times there was the odd gap which the opposition took full advantage of.  Each player made the tackles time and time again although we got penalised a couple of times for tackles around the waist.  (Coaches were told of this before we started).  The fast ball was coming at the offloads was another fantastic thing to watch and again all the players done there part and there was a few tries were every player had their hands on the ball moving it forward.

The supporting and offloading again was another positive for the players there was always someone there to take the pass when their team mates got in to trouble and they were all communicating well before receiving the pass.

I think that’s was the best rugby I have seen the boys play this year and they were consistent in every game with the way they played.

Although the boys played fantastically well and and did brilliantly, there are a couple of things that got highlighted in the final two games that we will work on at training.  We will practice continuing to move up in line with players to stay in position, as we got a bit ragged in the final games, which caused a few gaps in our defence.  Another thing to work on is at the rucks.  At times we were a bit too nice and stood back rather than getting over the ball and protecting it or, if the ball is there, to pick and go.

Team:  Jamie, Ollie, Daniel, Aiden, Adam, Wee Jack, Fraser and Johnny

Martin (P5 Coach)

Geoff’s Report

The boys all played really well, had to be persuaded a bit on making the up and running at the opposite teams from the start, but when they did normally forced an error and gained possession.

The running by all was good and passing out from the tackle or the pop up from the floor was first class. As with the other Linlithgow team the refs picked up and penalised anything above waist height which the boys fell foul of a few times, for the most part recovering and gaining back the ball from the penalty. Support play today was great and boys waiting out wide to cause an overlap coming in and used with great effect.

There was also a mix of route one through the middle with some little dancing feet jinks to get through or draw in defenders and ship the ball out wide. General passing is much improved with the random over the head lob all but gone from the game.

Tackling was well handled with good technique, a few flappy dives, but it’s confidence rather than ability from those.

All in 4 great games, 3 rather convincing wins and 1 that the currie ref counted as 3-2 for them but I’m sure I got 3-3 so will claim a moral draw.

Thanks to all the boys for giving 113% and to Jim for his Haribo enhanced pep talks during proceedings.

Team:  Fin, Caiden, Ruan, Lewis, Big Jack, Tobin, Sam and Euan

For always being in there to support, hitting the corner & nailing the tackles I give man of the match for my team to Tobin.


Geoff (P5 Coach)