P5s at Boroughmuir (01 Nov 15)

Wee Reds’ P5s at Boroughmuir

Sunday 01 November 2015


Well played to both teams at Boroughmuir on Sunday as well as Fraser, Ollie, Jake and Daniel who played for the Ba Bas joint team.  It was great for me to see boys getting involved in a mixed team and play so well. Thanks to all four of them they were fantastic.

I will attach reports from Stuart and Martin from their teams on the day, but for me I really enjoyed a different approach that the Boroughmuir coaches do and the Ba Ba approach sums up the great play that two merged teams can deliver.

I was also lucky to see that try in Stuart’s report where I believe nearly every player touched and passed the ball.  That makes me so happy to see us wowing other coaches with open play.

Well done to any of our players who managed to tackle the Giant playing for one of the teams.  I saw Jake take him down and felt like shouting TIMBER as he hit the floor.

Well done every body who played and we just keep getting better and better.  The game coaching from the Boroughmuir guys was fantastic and great to see.  Roll on Currie on Sunday.


Martin’s Report

My team consisted of Big Jack, Wee Jack, Lewis, Euan, Aiden, Daniel and Tobin.  Ollie came into the squad for the last game.

We had 3 games in total with the last game being cancelled due to time. All the boys played really well and did everything that we have been practising at training.  They were all tackling, running and supporting.  And now the boys have been communicating to each other to take the pass which is really good to see.  At the restart the boys even moved up in the line together which had been letting us down in the past with only a couple of boys moving up.  Even though we got penalised a couple of times for moving early this just shows the team is starting to come together as a team and not just 6 players on a pitch all competing for the ball.

The boys were unbeaten in all of their games they played.

As I said above all boys played really well and they are all coming together nicely but a special mention about Aiden he played the best I have ever seen him play he was everywhere diving on the ball when it went loose, tackling, rucking and had some great runs too. The physical side to the game is something that Aiden has struggled with in training but the boy pulled out all the stops on Sunday.

Stuart’s report

The Linlithgow Babas played two Boroughmuir teams and the Linlithgow Reds, drawing the two Boroughmuir games and narrowly losing to the Linlithgow Reds.  The commitment shown by all players was outstanding, with Jamie, Adam, Marc and Ruan having to come off with injuries but showing the determination and desire to get back on the pitch as soon as they were fit again. The whole team tackled well, with Adam, Marc, Jamie and Jake/Fraser putting in a great defensive display. Well done to Sam who made his first ‘proper’ tackle with textbook execution!

Our support play was excellent and slowly but surely the boys are beginning to understand the value of open space in which to run. Sam’s speed allowed him to go round most teams and has helped him notch up quite a few tries already. Adam, Fraser and Jamie tended to take the direct route through the opposition but there was always great support from Tyler, Jake, Ruan, Marc and a tired Johnny.

The highlight of the day was a wonderful full-team try against Linlithgow Reds. With the opposition in possession of the ball, we had to make a couple of tackles before winning the ball in the resulting ruck. The ball was then passed out by the scrum-half, went through most of the team’s hands and resulted in Johnny touching down for the try.  It was so good that the Boroughmuir referee came over at half time to say that it was the best passage of play he had witnessed in all his years of coaching. Praise indeed!

We still need to work on winning the ball when it is on the ground or on the fringes of rucks, but we are making steady progress.