P5 Livingston Tournament – Martin

P5s at Livingston Tournament – 01 May 2016

Martin’s Squad Report

Today we were at Livingston with the following team:

Jamie, Big Jack, Wee Jack, Johnny, Tyler, Euan, Caiden, Tobin and Reece.

We ended up with two wins and two loses. It felt like the boys needed couple of warm up matches before they got started. The first two matches were narrow defeats but what let us down in the first two matches were gaps in the defensive line and only individuals moving forward in the attack, and there was a bit of Groundhog Day when rucks were involved by not contesting them which gave the opposition a few easy tries.

The first two games were against Edinburgh Accies & Marr, who were both very strong teams.

For the next two games we were warmed up and after a few drills mastered at the break we were ready to go against RHC & Preston Lodge. It was during these games was when it really came together with excellent defensive lines with tackle after tackle; most rucks & counter rucks were won by Linlithgow which gave us the ball which allowed us to pass out wide where we always had a supporting player to receive the ball and score.