P5 at Watsonians (Mar 16)

P5s Excel at Watsonian Tournament

Sunday 06 March 2016

The weather, like always at Watsonians, was baltic but the boys were on the ball and ready to go.

The first game was against Boroughmuir Whites and the boys didn’t hold back in their support play and off-loads, which were some of the best yet. The usual suspects ran in most of the tries. Lewis took a knock to the knee and was taken off for a rest to stretch off ready for the other games. Thanks to good rucking and tackling we won this game.

The second game was against Mackie from the north-east. They were the team that had won all their matches at Kinross, but today they might have well stayed at home as the boys were running in the tries, hitting hard in the tackles and rucking over like a steam train. Again we won this game.

The third game was against Watsonian Hawks. This game was hard hitting, fast and very good to watch. The boys were starting to tire at this stage, as they had had all their games back-to-back. Big Jack took a big knock and that was him out for the rest day. Caiden had been winded, but after a rest up came back on guns blazing. Lewis, Adam and Jamie were good in driving it through to off-load to Euan and Finlay to pass to our running team Caiden, Oscar and Ollie, who scored 2 tries in this game with his fast feet- well done wee man! We drew this match.

The fourth game was against Boroughmuir Greens. This was Boroughmuir’s stronger team and they played a good game. Our boys tackled low and hard and the tries started flowing with great support play from all of the team and with Adam being everywhere again. Good all round team playing brings us a win.

The fifth game was against Watsonian Falcons. This was our hardest match as they seemed to have never-ending fresh legged subs. However, this didn’t stop out boys showing up and giving it their all with Caiden, Oscar, Lewis and Finn scoring. Unfortunately, a last minute try saw us lose this match.

The sixth game was against Preston Lodge. The boys had it in their heads that PL were the team to beat on the day and went in like battle hardened soldiers!! Low hard tackles were served up with the fast feet of the usual suspects running in tries like their lives depended on it. Even with the giant lad that PL put on at half time, the boys kept smashing them back and rucking over and over. We won this and the boys were delighted.

Linlithgow was definitely the best tackling team on the day every tackle was made low. We came 2nd over all and the boys really deserved it – each and everyone of them should be proud as they gave it their all and even in the last match when they all could have done with a hot shower and bed they kept fighting. Well done boys!

A special mention to ADAM who absolutely blew everyone away today. The boy was on fire – hard hitting, rucking over, taking knocks and still fighting on like he was a ‘tramp on chips’, everywhere in every game. He did everyone proud and if there was a “man of the matches” for the day, then it’s him – WELL DONE ADAM !!!

Coach Martin