P4s at Madras (Jan 15)

Madras P4 Match Report – Sunday 25th January 2015

First off thanks to the parents for bringing the players for the team up to St Andrews, not the closest of our away fixtures, but it was certainly a good one. The weather managed to hold off, a slight drizzle and cold/wind but worked for playing the games, of which we came out with one loss, 3 wins and a narrowly avoided draw…

From memory the scores ran as follows;

  • 6-7 against Howe Blues
  • 8-3 against Howe Whites
  • 7-6 against Madrascals
  • 6-5 against Dunfermline

The day was not set up as a full tournament, but had it been myself and the other coaches reckoned we were on 2nd place behind the Howe Blues and a sign of the great squad we have available at LRFC.

Unfortunately the games are a bit of a blurred together memory here but the highlight areas throughout were good driving play from Jamie and Lewis gaining us yards in the field as well as almost full pitch sprints from Caiden and Fraser.  One such event and a great show of team player skills was a run from about halfway by Caiden who was brought down, unheld about a metre or so short of the line but instead of scrabbling to his feet for the last ditch over popped the ball up nicely for Jamie who had been following him up to ensure the try with the opposition closing in.

There were some great tries into the corners from Tobin and his usual pinball style tackling, seeing him bounce out of one successful tackle to take on the next opposing player to take the ball.  Again Jack, Marc and Fraser were well into the tackles, stopping many a play as well as getting quickly into rucks on a few occasions gaining turnover ball and a key area that we seemed to have over all the other teams there.  In term of the tackles there were a few of the team dedicated to the cause to the extent that we had to pause the game and check them over, wait on a few tears drying up and on only one occasion of a heavy fall onto the ball did any of the team want to step off for a substitution – getting some proper rugby players here!!!

During their times on the pitch there were some good yards made by Adam and Aidan as well as providing supporting play to ball carriers at other times, which to be fair the majority of the team did well.  The final mention here in the narrowly avoided draw was a final whistle try from Fin in the last game of the day, after about the fourth or fifth phase of almost the whole team trying to break Dunfermline’s line to take us that one point ahead and seal the game for our team.

Some elements to consider in future games would be more time spent “fighting” over who will go into the ruck and make the move into it instead of allowing the opposition to just pick and run through us and less time squabbling over who would be 2nd receiver from a lineout ball, no single offenders in this as most took their turns of doing so.

Overall a great effort by the boys who I think most all scored a try or more, thanks to the chauffeurs and supporters in the cold and Martin and Stuart for proving that between the three of us it takes on average 5 attempts to track 6 out of 10 names to start the next match with….

For those boys that remained at training it sounds like it went well and remember you will all have your chance in upcoming away fixtures as we rotate the travelling squad, when limited to numbers we can take, and there are plenty of home fixtures in the coming months as well.