P4s at Boroughmuir (Nov 15)

Boroughmuir P4 ‘Match’ Report

Sunday 01 November 2015

Once again, we had a fantastic turnout with over 20 boys turning up for our joint training session with Boroughmuir, which is really good considering it was an afternoon session!

Before I get into the actual Rugby it is worth mentioning that the boys were on fantastic form and really represented the club well. The behaviour of all the boys was great. They listened well to both the Linlithgow and Boroughmuir Coaches and they really put the effort in during the training sessions, even though they ran on far longer than they are normally used to.

Now on to the rugby….

We started off with a quick ‘warm up’ which was actually a session aimed at teaching the boys to get back on their feet before they handle the ball.  It was a great little routine which I intend to steal!

The Boroughmuir Coaches then set up 5 different training exercises, a number of which were new to our boys. They all had the chance to practice pop passing from the ground, running in channels to encourage the boys to keep spread out and pass down the line, tackling, rucking and even a go at mini mauls!  It was great to see the boys putting so much effort into each session and also to see the boys picking up the new exercises so quickly.  It’s really beneficial to the boys and us coaches to see how different clubs train and again, I think we will ‘borrow’ one or two of their ideas to mix in with ours!

After an hour and a half of training, we then moved into some matches. This is where in my opinion the boys really shined. 90 minutes of training is pretty hard on the boys but even after that, the level of effort they put into the matches was fantastic.  I game coached a match between two Linlithgow teams and I can honestly say that I saw some of the best technical rugby so far this year.  There were some great tackles with all the boys doing their fair share. There were some great off-loads and passes during the games.  We saw some genuine rucking for the first time, which when you consider how new that technique is to the boys it was fantastic to actually see them starting to use it in games.  Finally there were some really good tries which were a pleasure to watch!

So to wrap up, the boys were great ambassadors for the Club, they showed they are really starting to improve technically and I think they all had a good afternoon.

Coach Gary