Notes for Gym Users

Notes for Gym Users

Payment and Induction

  • GymGeneralMembership is available only on a monthly basis
  • All members are required to pay 1 month in advance
  • All membership fees are subject to VAT
  • All users must receive an induction before an electronic access fob is issued
  • There are two options for induction – a short safety induction (no charge) and a longer personalised training induction (£5 charge applies)
  • A deposit of £5 is required for an electronic access fob
  • You lose your deposit if you lose or misuse your access fob

Gym Rules

  • GymAction-450x300Clean footwear (trainers or equivalent) to be worn
  • Only sealed drinks to be taken into gym
  • No food in gym please – if you need a snack, please eat this is the corridor
  • There is a vending machine at the entrance to the Indoor Training Centre for drinks and snacks
  • Please be polite and courteous to other users at all times
  • Report any damage or issues to the Clubhouse Manager


Those who are not already club members will become temporary facility members for the duration of their gym membership.