Membership Subscriptions and Training Fees

Membership Subscriptions and Training Fees

Membership Subscriptions

These are payable at the start of the season, ie end August.  There is an option to spread the membership payment over the season by standing order, but it greatly helps the Club’s cashflow position if members can pay their membership subscriptions upfront.  We also encourage as many as possible to become Family Members – this gives full Club membership to parents / guardians in addition to all u23 youngsters in the family.  The membership rates for Season 2015-16 are as follows:

  • Youth member (all ages up to 23)                                                                          £40
  • Family membership (covering both parents and all children up to 23)           £90
  • Full member                                                                                                               £70
  • Social member (no voting rights)                                                                            £50

Additional Training Fees

This season Linlithgow Rugby Club is making a significant on-going investment in Youth rugby. With support from Scottish Rugby and sportscotland we are introducing the School of Rugby, the Youth Development Scheme, Positive Coaching Scotland and building upon the successful launch earlier this year of Girls’ Rugby.  In recent years we have managed to hold club fees at a very low level compared to most other sports and activity groups. This has been achieved by effectively subsidising youth rugby through income generated by private and Club run events.

Whilst we have some financial support from the public bodies above to get these initiatives underway, we are expected to be self-sustainable in the long term, which includes the ongoing maintenance of our fantastic Indoor Training Centre.  Already the number of sessions that have NOT been cancelled due to the ITC has brought real benefit to our Youth section.    Thus this season we need to raise extra money to cover our additional running costs and ensure we deliver our new initiatives. This includes a second Modern Apprentice and an Assistant Development Officer to allow Dougie, our Club DO, to focus on the School of Rugby.  It also includes prudent long-term planning for ongoing upkeep and maintenance of the ITC.

We plan to do this by introducing a monthly Training Fee for all youth members, except Micros, which is targeted at specific Youth Member benefits that we’re delivering through the initiatives outlined above.  The training fee will be £10 monthly payable for the 7 main months of the playing season, namely September to March.  Discounted rates are available for families.  For Mini Rugby (P4-P7), the new fee is to support the Youth Development Scheme (YDS), whereby we are paying some of our older youth players to work as coaches providing additional coaching sessions (Monday and Friday) per week.  As well as offering double the amount of rugby coaching time to these age groups, we are developing better individuals and helping to keep our players involved in the club.  For S1-S6, the new fee will cover transport costs (replacing the old bus levy), additional training sessions for S1 – S2 under the YDS, support the School of Rugby and provide Gym membership for senior pupils.

NOTE:  We want to make rugby accessible for all young players within a sustainable environment. Financial support for special circumstances is available on a confidential basis – contact either Angela Blundell (Membership Secretary) or Paul Fensom (Director of Youth Rugby).