Linlithgow Academy v Bell Baxter (Oct 14)

Bell Baxter Show Linlithgow Academy Howe to Win

Linlithgow Academy 1st XV  26 – 48  Bell Baxter HS (Howe of Fife u18)

Saturday 18 October 2014

The October break took away any selection issues for Linlithgow Academy, as only 15 players were available.  The coaches again had to shuffle the resources about, resulting in a number of players playing out of position.  The Howe of Fife set-up is impressive and the Cupar based club continues to support and run the Bell Baxter school team to good effect.  This year’s team is again very good and proved too strong for Linlithgow Academy, particularly after the home team were reduced to 14 early in the first half, when Lewis had to leave the field.

Four tries though were a reward for not giving up as the home team bent but refused to break under the visitors’ relentless pressure.