Jim Mochrie’s FB Post

Jim Mochrie’s FB Post in Full

Hi folks. Last post for a bit, I promise😐

(Apart maybe from dressed up dogs, I’ll try and buy into this positive post caper)

Following the announcements from the PM and FM, regarding Irene’s funeral, we are now restricted to only close family attending the graveside ceremony.

Fri 27th March, 2pm Kildimmery Cemetery, Linlithgow.

Irene requested no flowers, instead, she hoped that people would plant a tree to remember her by, and do a wee bit for the planet.🌳

This is something that Irene would fully support, she would always wish people to be safe, and was a meritus professor in simple common sense..👩‍🎓🙂 

This is, we hope, the last low blow regarding laying Irene to rest.

NOT a final goodbye.

We intent to live stream the graveside ceremony to my Facebook page which will be open to all for this. 

We fully intend to arrange a proper and fitting goodbye for Irene, with all of the elements that we had planned for this.

Church, music, a hymn or two, and a cup of tea after.😉

A transplant in fact, of all of these things planned for this Friday, to another day.

You will all be very welcome to join us on this day, to laugh and cry and hug and kiss and shake hands, and remember Irene with affection and fondness.♥️

I will be posting all information regarding this when time and the prevailing national scenario allows.

My boys and I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has taken the time to call us, pop in, message us, leave cookies and brownies and supplies on the doorstep, send cards, post the kindest words on Facebook♥️ and finally donate to The Brain Tumour Charity.(currently at +¬£2k thank you X)

Thank you all and stay safe XXX,

Clan Mochrie