ITC Conversion

Notice of Special General Meeting

Thursday 24 March 2022

Summary of Project

Last week the Club Board met and approved plans to purchase materials for temporary conversion of the ITC for major events in time both for our reset 50th anniversary celebrations in late May and for this year’s Civic Festival aligned to the Linlithgow Marches. This will enable large scale events to be held on site, replacing the old marquee.

The capital project includes not only the purchase of floor protection tiles for the 3G surface, but also a comprehensive interior decoration to dress the internals of the Shed. The proposals will be put forward for approval by Club Members at a Special General Meeting, to be held on Thursday 24th March. This is required by the Club’s Articles of Association (Constitution), as the capital amount is in excess of £25,000.

The Rugby Club is proposing to establish and purchase equipment for a temporary conversion of the Indoor Training Centre into a venue for major events for up to 450 people, with costs being recovered through hire charges for use of the facility and bar profits from events held there. Following agreement with the Rugby Club Board and discussions held over the last two years with the Deacons Court, the plan is to enable major events to be held in the ITC from May 2022, in time this year’s Civic Festival events, replacing the need for hiring a marquee.

This proposal started off as a plan to replace the marquee for major Civic Festival events at the time of the Marches. However, it also promoted as a sustainable scheme to significantly improve the fundraising capability of the Rugby Club.

The ITC temporary conversion would replace the requirement to hire and erect a marquee on Upper Mains Park, saving costs and making a more sustainable financial model for the Deacons Court to hold major Civic Events around the time of the Marches in June each year.

After initial capital payback, it would also provide the Rugby Club with an income generating facility to greatly enhance the fundraising capability of the Club to sustain amateur and youth rugby and related sports in Linlithgow.

The Club has looked at both hiring our purchasing materials for such a temporary conversion and concluded that, in addition to having funds available (cash in bank), capital purchase of key items is considerably more effective and cash efficient than rental of materials, even in the short term.

Why a Special General Meeting?

As explained as a footnote in the “Notice of Special General Meeting” above, the Club’s Articles of Association (Constitution) requires the Club Board to seek Member approval, through a General Meeting for “any project requiring expenditure of more than £25,000, irrespective of whether the project is being funded by the Company or borrowing or external grants, is subject to approval by the members at a General Meeting.”