International Tickets 2021-22

Scotland International Match Tickets

We have just recently received information on how SRU will be distributing tickets for both the Autumn international and the 6 Nations. This is going to be done through new club ticketing portal system, which will be going online from 28th May. Clubs will receive allocations for tickets for these matches, for use by their Club Members. The Club will receive a commission for sales for most matches – the England match will be an exception again this year – at no additional cost to you. So you can help yourself and help Linlithgow Rugby Club by using this booking process.

Autumn International Series

The three-match Autumn International Series has been confirmed and the SRU have asked Clubs to complete their request for tickets by 18 June, ie in 3 weeks time. 

If you want tickets, please complete the attached document and return it to David Porteous, our International Ticket Secretary by Wednesday 23 June.

The SRU will release tickets on 14 July for allocation by Ticket Secretaries. After this the process will change a little bit from previous years:

  • All tickets will now be assigned in the SRU Ticket Portal.
  • All people requesting tickets will need an account on the SRU Ticketing Portal (a good number of you probably already have set one up)
  • Once allocated, you’ll be able to log into your SRU Ticketing Portal Account and pay directly for your tickets.
  • For the Autumn International Series tickets, you must pay for your tickets before the 24 September 2021 or the tickets will be released back to the ticketing pool.

Here are some answers to questions people may have:

  • There is currently no limit on tickets for allocation for the Autumn matches
  • The SRU is expecting to use the full capacity at BT Murrayfield for these matches
  • Once allocated, you CAN reduce your allocation of tickets but NOT increase them, by contacting David Porteous.

6 Nations’ Tickets

  • The request date for Scotland’s HOME 6 Nations’ matches (England and France) will be 16 August.
  • The 6 Nations’ AWAY games’ process is still being assessed – we are still awaiting news on this.