International Ticket Update

International Ticket Update – 20th November 2014


With only the Tonga International to go a big thanks to all those who purchased tickets through the club as 25% of the value of the tickets accrued to the club as commission.


I have been advised by the SRU that our allocation for tickets has been made and all requests will be met in full. I have e mailed those members who have yet to pay reminding them that is payment due by end of November. 

Despite plenty of notice I did receive one or two late requests for tickets AFTER the order had been submitted however the SRU have indicated that additional tickets for the HOME matches MAY be available. Please let me know of any late requests and I will confirm if this is possible (no guarantees!!)


France v Scotland 

Our allocation of tickets for this match has been met in full with some minor adjustments to price bands. I have e mailed all members as to their allocation. Again it MAY be possible to get extra tickets for this match but please contact me ASAP if you require tickets.

England v Scotland

I still await confirmation of our allocation for this match. As you would expect demand for this game is high and it is UNLIKELY that I will be able to satisfy ALL requests. Depending on final allocation I MAY have to make some changes and will let members know ASAP.


Please do not leave cash or cheques behind the bar. Either post or give it to me personally as recently some forms went missing for a couple of weeks and so missed the deadline

Any questions please e mail me at 

Below is the link to the SRU online site which ensures Linlithgow RFC gets the commission.