Feedback Sought

International Tickets – Your Feedback Sought

Now that Scotland has “won” the Wooden Spoon here are a few details of tickets bought through me by members of Linlithgow RFC.  A number of members bought tickets directly from the SRU hopefully using the club specific link to ensure we gained a commission but due to data protection the SRU will not tell me who these members are. They will in due course let me know the total commission these sales generated but as of now I do not have that information.

It would be useful if you could let me know if you bought tickets direct from the SRU.  The only advantage in doing this is that you can pick your seats you are of course charged a handling fee. If you buy them through me there is no handling fee and the commission goes to the club immediately.

I am not quite sure how long I have been doing this task but it is certainly over 30 years I would be grateful for any feedback on the system I operate and any changes you would suggest. Once again a big thank you to those members of Linlithgow RFC who continue to support Scottish International Rugby

Thank you for your support for these games the following tickets were bought through the club:

Scotland v Wales
57 tickets
Total value £2710
Commission to Club at 5 % = £135.50

Scotland v Italy
33 tickets
Total value £ 1420
Commission to Club at 15% = £213

Scotland v Ireland
138 tickets
Total value £7170
Commission to Club 5 % = £358.50

Total for Club = £707


France v Scotland 59 tickets no commission

England v Scotland 26 tickets no commission

Paul Birrell, International Ticket Secretary

Any questions please e mail me at