Display Cabinets Refurbished

Club’s Display Cabinets Refurbished

If you’ve been around the Club recently you’ll notice that a lot of work has been done in the corridors of the Clubhouse and new Indoor Training Centre to present more on the history of the Club. In addition, the Display Cabinets in the Lounge have had a major makeover and now present a clear story of the Club and its various sections.

The renovated display cabinets

These improvements have been brought about thanks to the work of a small team led by David Mitchell and supported by Gordon Dixon and Colin Wells. The display cabinets were renovated by Jackie, Rachael and Drew Purse and what a super job they have done.

There’s still some work to be done, such as labelling, to complete this work. The cabinets are all themed. From the left, Male Voice Choir, Wales and France, International, Senior and Youth Rugby (main section in middle – see photo below), Mini Rugby and Golf Section.

Centre section – Senior and Youth Rugby