Curry Quiz (Oct 19)

Curry Quiz and Crunch Match

The Club House was busy last weekend off-the-field with two events organised by the Events Group.

Saturday evening saw the annual Curry Quiz and over 90 people turned up to enjoy another of Audrey’s tremendous meals and to pit their wits against one another and against the quiz-setters, Gavin and Anne.  Having battled their way through the countries of Central America and the contents of a box of Celebrations via a round whose answers linked the names of current First XV players, the contest was very close, with the Clangers winning by one point.  It was a deserved result for a team that had finished second on several occasions.

Barely twelve hours later, the lounge area was busy again, with a good crowd from across the membership, Memories Club to Minis, turning up to eat the Brunch for the Crunch.  The food was excellent and thanks to Anne Brown, Andrea Archer and Mary Ann Cochrane for their work in the kitchen.  Being entirely neutral, the teams served up a cracking game to watch but the pity was that it was Scotland who were crunched.

Many thanks to Anderson the butcher who provided the food and was extremely supportive while we waited to see if Typhoon Haggis crunched that match altogether.  Please shop local and support those who support the Club.

Final Update from our Correspondent in Japan

While all this excitement was happening at the Rugby Club, our correspondent in Japan was coo’erin doon as Typhoon Hagibis passed over. Your correspondent was fortunate and endured little hardship. Sadly the same was not true for others who were caught in the path of the typhoon and our thoughts go out to them and their families. This seemed to rally the nation and their rugby team in a very positive way and this was evident in the frenzied but friendly atmosphere inside the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama. The Brave Blossoms have certainly earned their place in the Quarter-Finals.

Photos above show path of Hagibis and position of “eye” of typhoon as it passed directly over “our correspondent” on Saturday night!