Club Position (17Mar20)

Club Now Completely Closed

Further Update

23 March 2020

Yesterday (Sunday 22 March) the Rugby Club Board made the decision to close the Club completely until further notice. The front door has been locked and will only be opened on sanction from a member of the Board.


Message to All Club Members

17 March 2020

First of all, best wishes to everyone. This is a difficult time for many – all the more important to look out for each other over the coming weeks. Whatever happens within the Rugby Club, we will endeavour to keep our lines of communication open and keep you appraised of any relevant matters. If there’s anything we can do to help, then please let us know. You can email or call me on 07770-266379.

In the meantime, here is the current position relating to the Rugby Club.

Rugby Training and Playing

All rugby training and playing is suspended until further notice. We await guidance from Scottish Rugby and the Scottish and UK Governments, but it would seem likely that the initial period of suspension will be significantly extended. 

(More on that when we hear more).

This means that both the S1 and S2 tours are postponed, as is the Wee Reds Micros Tournament.  More details about these will come out in due course, but good progress has already been made with respect to rolling over arrangements until at least the autumn.

It also means that Walking Rugby and the Memories’ Group are suspended until further notice.

Rugby Club Functions

We have taken the decision to postpone several Club run functions that are scheduled over the coming weeks:

  • The Youth Dinner will be postponed until the summer, when we plan to arrange a social gathering, perhaps a BBQ, in its place. In the meantime, though, we are asking all players to complete their voting for the Player of the Year at each age level. We plan to do some online recognition in the short-term, with presentations in the summer.
  • The Easter Rugby Camp will be cancelled – we will focus our energies on running an enhanced Summer Camp, once the current situation becomes clearer.
  • The Catwalk will be postponed until a later date, possibly in the late summer / early autumn – once a date is known, then existing ticket holders will be offered places at the rearranged event or a refund if they wish.

Arrangements for the annual Players’ Award Evening are still being discussed.

Clubhouse, Gym and 3G Pitch

Following last night’s Government announcements, many people and organisations will be amending their plans and a number of people have already cancelled their bookings for events in the clubhouse. Over the next few days we will be speaking to all our third party users who hire the facilities on a regular basis and working out a sensible plan with them. We have a duty of care to staff, members and visitors during the period and we seek everyone’s understanding and acceptance that access to clubhouse and facilities will have to be restricted over the next few weeks. Closure of the Club is very much an option that we are considering. The Board appreciates everyone’s cooperation and will endeavour to communicate any changes as a matter of urgency.

The Club will be guided by the Scottish and UK Governments as to whether the Clubhouse, 3G Pitch and Gym remain open. At present, all are open for fitness and exercise users, but we do insist that people bring their own towels to wipe themselves down and make use of the paper towels, sprays and wipes that are provided to wipe down any equipment that they use, including door handles. Keeping fit and active is important at all times, even more so in the current environment.

Stay safe,

Ken Richardson

on behalf of Club Board