Club History

Club History and Memorabilia

Dear Rugby Club member,
I have volunteered to locate and identify as many as possible items of Club history and memorabilia over the summer months view a view to increasing the amount of items to be displayed within the clubhouse. This project will include a complete review of current display items plus those held in storage e.g. in containers or cupboards. A small working group has been set up to assist the process and the individuals involved are:
Gordon Dixon, John Smith, Colin Wells and David Mitchell.
Ken Richardson (President/Chair of Board) will assist as required.

We want to try to involve the wider membership in the project and as such would welcome your help with the following:

  1. Helping to identify existing items such as photographs where there is some doubt regarding the date/location/people involved/etc. A list is being compiled of all of the items that we can locate within the Club and if you think that you might be able to help with the identification then please contact any one of the 4 in the working group.
  2. Potentially offering to the Club any items of CLUB SIGNIFICANCE that you may have and that you wish to consider for donation to the Club. Obviously there is no guarantee that the Club will accept the item but we would appreciate the opportunity to consider any items that might enhance the story of the Club. 

In addition, Ken Richardson is keen to see any digital photographs that might exist regarding Club games or other events since 1970. This is not part of the main project therefore if you have some digital photographs that you want to share, please send them to Ken Richardson ( or

The aim is to have an improved display by the start of next season i.e. beginning of September 2018 although it will depend on how quickly we can identify items and decide on what should go on display and where it should be displayed.

David Mitchell
07811 202757 (yes it is