Club Governance

Club Governance

This special webpage looks to pull together all the required documentation to demonstrate that Linlithgow Rugby Club is being run in an appropriate manner as defined by Companies House, OSCR and the Scottish Rugby Union.

Management of the Club

Linlithgow Rugby Club is both a Company Limited by Guarantee (and not having a Share Capital) and is registered with Companies House (SC 532598) and a registered Scottish Charity (SC050439). It is governed by Articles of Association, which defines the different membership categories of Club membership. The Club is a full member of the sports governing body (Scottish Rugby Union), which in turn is affiliated to World Rugby.

The following document, which is regularly updated, sets out how the Club is run and lists the various policies that the Club employs:

Articles of Association

The Club’s Articles of Association were developed from the constitution of the Club when it was an unincorporated voluntary association. The original draft, when the Club was formed in 1970, was based on that of Hawick RFC.

Recently the Club became a Company Limited by Guarantee (and not having a Share Capital) and then in 2020 it was also registered as a Scottish Charity.

Here is the current Articles of Association document:

Annual General Meeting

The most recent AGM of Linlithgow Rugby Club Ltd was held on Thursday 29 July 2021. At the meeting, the Directors’ Report and Financial Statements were unanimously approved.

You can view or download the AGM Minutes, which have the Directors Report and Financial Statements, which have now been submitted to OSCR below:

Club Vision and Objectives

Immediately prior to lockdown, we had just reset the Club’s Vision and Objectives from the previous 2020 Vision to the next 5 years, ie 2020 – 2025. 

Coming out of lockdown, we will revisit this document with a view to refreshing it in line with the “new normal”.

Information to Members

At the start of each season, the Club carries out a Registration Weekend, where it invites all existing members to renew their Club membership. The process is now carried out on line using ClubForce, a sports’ membership system developed in Ireland.

All members are offered a hard copy Membership Book, customised to their main interest – one of three:

Wee Reds for Micros and Minis
Young Reds (S1 to U18)
Reds Membership Booklet

Charity number SC050439

Linlithgow Rugby Club Ltd is now registered as a charity in Scotland.

Weekly Newsletter

The Club maintains a website throughout the year and produces a weekly newsletter throughout the year, normally with less frequent editions during the off-season. The newsletter is sent out by MailChimp and tracking shows that it is viewed by between 290 and 347 people each week, an average of 310 people. This year, The Club has maintained regular newsletters throughout the lockdown period – indeed there were 59 newsletters produced between 1st March 2020 and 28th February 2021.

This was one of the ways by which the Club reached out to its wider membership and feedback from across the Club has been very positive.

You can view all the year’s newsletters here

Highlights in
Lockdown Year

  • Club maintained a clean safety record and adhered to guidelines in full
  • Members were kept up-to-date on a weekly basis through Weekly Newsletter
  • Website kept up-to-date
  • Club meetings held on Zoom:
    – Quarterly Board meetings
    – Fortnightly Operations Group (Exec Directors) meetings
    – Fortnightly Return to Rugby Group meetings
  • Club AGM successfully held, with significant online input
  • Club Special General Meeting held, with significant online input
  • OSCR approved the Rugby Club becoming a charity
  • Linlithgow Rugby Memories Group moved to online (Zoom) meetings with average attendance of around 50 people
  • Linlithgow Rugby Club Male Voice Choir recorded songs at Easter and Christmas and published on YouTube
  • Both the Rugby Club and its Male Voice Choir opened YouTube channels
  • Rugby Club won competition on water savings and received free water saving devices, including new shower heads and water taps for sinks
  • Old Shower room completely refurbished during lockdown (deep cleaned, tiled, new outside air vent installed, new water pipework and shower heads, new safety lighting)
  • Club Member set up pop-up takeaway business using Club kitchen, with takeaway meal every 2 weeks or so, with around 160 meals per session (Simmer Doon)
  • Access granted to training pitches during lockdown to youth soccer and youth athletics
  • Remedial work and painting carried out around the Clubhouse
  • Deep clean of Clubhouse ahead of each re-opening