Charges for Individual Users of the Gym

Charges for Gym Membership

GymGeneralOnly individuals can be members of the gym. The following initial charges will apply for individual users of the new gym:  

Club Members who are actively Registered Rugby Players (SRU)
£6 incl VAT per month

2020 Club and 2020 Business Club Members
£5 incl VAT per month

Other Club Members 
£10 incl VAT per month

Members of Affiliated Clubs
£10 incl VAT per month

Non Club Members
£14 incl VAT per month

If you are interested in joining the gym please email

Notes for Gym Users

GymActionPayment and Induction

  • Membership is available only on a monthly basis
  • All members are required to pay 1 month in advance
  • All membership fees are subject to VAT
  • All users must receive an induction before an electronic access fob is issued
  • There are two options for induction – a short safety induction (no charge) and a longer personalised training induction (£5 charge applies)
  • A deposit of £5 is required for an electronic access fob
  • You lose your deposit if you lose or misuse your access fob

Gym Rules

  • Clean footwear (trainers or equivalent) to be worn
  • Only sealed drinks to be taken into gym
  • No food in gym please – if you need a snack, please eat this is the corridor
  • There is a vending machine for drinks and snacks
  • Please be polite and courteous to other users at all times
  • Report any damage or issues to the Clubhouse Manager


Those who are not already club members will become temporary facility members for the duration of their gym membership.

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